Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My dog died

I'm sorry for the lack of updates. We had a snow storm and I got to stay at home with Vlad more than I ever have but he got sick at the same time. Then it seem to clear up over the weekend then it started again last Saturday. I took him to the vet on Monday morning cus he was still throwing up and weak and not eating. They gave me some speacial food and medicine to give him. I kept him in his kennel for the rest of the day while I went to work. I came home and he wouldn't eat the food. I was gonna call the vet in the morning. But then Vlad feel asleep and died next to me.

I didn't realize it until hours later at 11:45pm. Then I tried calling some friends.
I couldn't believe he was gone. I thought he would atleast have a few more days. And I hate how I can't just bring him back. I hate how his body is there but his spirit is somewhere else. I hate how he left and I didn't even know it.

Later we found out that he had a large hairball stuck in his stomach. He was always licking the carpet and eating hair. I stopped him a few times but he may have done that all day when I was at work...for two years.

I keep wondering if I could have done something. I wish he were still here.

I hate going home and it all feels so sad without him.

I wonder when it won't hurt as much.

Gone so fast. Never really got to say good bye.

Why does it have to be this way?