Saturday, May 29, 2010

What an orphan should do on Memorial Day

Hey, Just thought I would give a quick update. I guess this post would only be for US orphans. But I want to treat this weekend kinda like Mother's Day weekend. I got some hot dogs to fry up and some candy to spoil myself on. Its a three day weekend and I am relax and I feel like a kid. I got some beads so I can make some necklaces if I get bored. I still had sad dreams of mom last night though. But this weekend shouldn't be too sad for an orphan. Most families just have a cook out and play music, swim in a pool and watch tv. We can do that at home. And pools are gross. People pee in them. A bath is much better.

So heres what to do on Memorial Day if you are lonely:
-fry some hot dogs. You should have gotten some a head of time.
-play some music.
-take a bath.
-watch some tv or youtube
-make some necklaces
-sit out on the porch
-hang with friends
-try drinking green tea or fruit tea all weekend. Its fun to try something new and it will help pass the time.
-Walk around the house in your underwear.
-Just be a kid and relax
-be glad you don't have to hang out with a family that complains about the way you look or your lifestyle etc.
-stay positive!

Remember Memorial Day is to celebrate the soldiers who have and are fighting for our country. They can't even come home to be with their families. We are like soldiers trying to fight off our everyday grief.

Try watching the sunrise too!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Orphan Advice: Never Grow Up!

When our parents died we were forced to become adults even if we were just little kids. But if you look around at all the other adults who still have parents, you will notice they are kinda spoiled. They never had to grow up. They are still little kids. Why should we grow up?

We are forced into survival mentality. We see the harsh reality of life. We need to take a chill pill and be a kid again.

I have been looking back on how I have been trying to adjust since my mom died when I was 15. I was a happy kid before she died. Then after she died I tried to be happy, tried to fit in with the new family. But they always had unrealistic rules. Treated me differently than their own kids. College was good since everything was taken care of and I had no rules...just like a kid.

So I am going to try to be more free like a kid for the next year before my move to NY. The whole heiress thingy is kinda like that. Being your own boss. Spoiling yourself. Being confident of yourself. Orphans are in survival mode. Sad and stressed out. But an heir or heiress stays spoiled and happy.

Here are some things that I plan to do and/or suggest you do:

1. East fast food once a month. Atleast. McDonalds makes me feel like a kid again. And they brought back the Happy Meal box. YAY

2. Walk around the house in your underware. I used to do this as a kid. At least wear those fluffy slippers.

3. Sleep in on your days off and watch some cartoons. Why not?

4. Visit the mall. My mom always used to take me to the mall. They got fast food. So maybe you can get McDonalds at the mall and its double the spoiled-ness.

5. Try eatting some kids cereal. They don't have prizes in them anymore but the Happy meals do.

6. Watch a movie. We always watched movies as kids. Why stop?

7. Dress like a kid. My room was always pink. So I will wear pink. I always wanted a Barbie when I was little so I got a Barbie shirt.

8. You only live once. Enjoy yourself. But remember to not over spend or over eat.


There is not point in waking up in the middle of the night everynight regreting your teen years, or childhood etc. I wish my sister would have taken me to the fair...well I will round up some of my friends and go to the fair. I wasn't allow to go to prom. Why not round up some friends and dress up and have a night out on the town?

One final to get friends. Myspace? Facebook? Church? Old high school friends. Or just go solo. But be careful about going to the fair alone at night. Better go during the day time if you are alone. Be safe.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Health Tips for Orphans Part 2: Tonsil Stones

Mother's Day really took a toll on me and my tonsils swelled up and I got a few small tonsil stones. They are gross. They make your breath smell like rotten eggs and you can taste it in your mouth too. Its white blood cells fighting an infection.

1. Don't eat too much food that contains calcium. Too much calcium can cause kidney stones and tonsil stones. And tonsil stones are nasty.

2. If you do get tonsil stones. Cut back on the calcium intake. I have found that mine was too high. (On Mother's Day I ordered two medium pizzas..big mistake)

3. Drink orange juice. This builds up your immune system and also reduces those tonsil stones.

4. A soda every now and then is good. A soda can help break down tonsil stones.

5. Drink lots of water. Again it helps reduce tonsil stones.

6. Keep your mouth clean. Floss, brush with toothpaste and rinse with a good strong mouthwash. You spit out the mouthwash...don't swallow it.

7. Eat veggies and fruits. No one gets brocolli stuck in their tonsils.

I hope this helps. Stay healthy. And guess what? Its my Birthday.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Why people buy things they don't need

People buy things they don't need because they want their life to change. When someone is happy with the way things are they can go for a long time without buying stuff.

People will buy new clothes to feel like they have a new life. They change their hair color. New furniture etc. All to change their life.

I miss my mom so I buy a jacket like I used to have when I was little. I don't like the way people treat me so I change the color of my hair. Maybe they will be nicer to me now.

People also buy things to make time pass by. People want time to pass by cus they are not happy.

People throw out things to make life feel different also. Out with the old and in with the new.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

College Graduate Advice

One big mistake I made after I graduated was I never researched what I should be paid for my job even at entry level. I just took whatever seemed nice to me and now I am stuck doing something I should be getting paid a lot more to do.

A Graphic Artist should ge paid $30,000-$40,000. Entry level maybe $26,000. Hopefully after three years I will be able to get paid what I do.

Don't let people take advantage of you. Make sure you know what you deserve.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

What to do on Mother's Day if your mom is dead

well. I tried to make it nice for you guys. I have discovered that the more you think about it all...the worse it gets and the worse you feel. I don't think I prepared enough. If I could go back to Friday I would have stocked the fridge full of ice cream and McDonalds. But no. I feel sick and I have no food that I want to eat and I don't want to go out. So I ordered pizza.

So just try to be an heir or heiress and take it easy. Take you mind off of it all and spoil yourself. Watch TV and eat treats. Wear your comfy clothes. I have never had such a tough Mother's Day. Really. At least on mom's Bday its just me. And her death day its just me. But on Mother's Day its everywhere. Even Christmas its not just for moms, its more of all the family so its easier. So take it easy. And yes I have cried today...but its okay...the pizza will be here soon and I am still wearing yesterdays makeup.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Master the Art of Positive Bitching

I find myself bitching about things in the morning. We need to bitch about positive things. Think of positive pitching like bragging to yourself.

"I don't have to run any errands today!"

"I ate a healthy lunch today!"

"The weather is awesome today....just like me!"

Instead of "my boss is so stupid" try "I am so much smarter than my boss".

"I'm so glad I read about positive bitching on the Orphan Handbook blog today!"

Reminder: I'm gonna post the Mother's Day chat early so you can bookmark it. I will also post my twitter and make it so its public and not private just for the weekend. I also will post a link to my Youtube page so you can watch videos if you get bored. I will be tweeting all day on Mother's Day so you guy can keep up with what I am up to.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Don't give up!

No matter what you are going through....DON"T GIVE UP. Life isn't over yet. Things can change at anytime for better or for worse.

Everyday I find myself focusing on the bad in my life. I have to remind myself to list the good things and above all don't give up.

An orphan would give up...but an heir or heiress would not.

I want a better job. I want my car paid for. I want to move. And I won't give up until I get what I want. Even when I do get what I want...why give up then?

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.- Zen saying.

Wait til the last minute to give up.

I used to be so hopeful but now its hard to dream. I just have to try harder. And you do too! That is how you accomplish your not giving up. Keep up with the positive thinking and think of ways to solve your problems. Everyday try to write a positive paragraph. Instead of writing about all your problems try listing your progress and the good things that are happening.

Here is my positive paragraph for the day:
I dreamt of hot guys last night and my headache went away. My boss isn't as mad at me as he was Friday. The weather is nice. I put gas in my car. I have no bills to pay today. I have a feeling I will sleep well tonight. I have made progress on my car payments. My mom died before she could ever teach me what a credit card was...and thats a good thing.