Sunday, May 9, 2010

What to do on Mother's Day if your mom is dead

well. I tried to make it nice for you guys. I have discovered that the more you think about it all...the worse it gets and the worse you feel. I don't think I prepared enough. If I could go back to Friday I would have stocked the fridge full of ice cream and McDonalds. But no. I feel sick and I have no food that I want to eat and I don't want to go out. So I ordered pizza.

So just try to be an heir or heiress and take it easy. Take you mind off of it all and spoil yourself. Watch TV and eat treats. Wear your comfy clothes. I have never had such a tough Mother's Day. Really. At least on mom's Bday its just me. And her death day its just me. But on Mother's Day its everywhere. Even Christmas its not just for moms, its more of all the family so its easier. So take it easy. And yes I have cried today...but its okay...the pizza will be here soon and I am still wearing yesterdays makeup.

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