Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Master the Art of Positive Bitching

I find myself bitching about things in the morning. We need to bitch about positive things. Think of positive pitching like bragging to yourself.

"I don't have to run any errands today!"

"I ate a healthy lunch today!"

"The weather is awesome today....just like me!"

Instead of "my boss is so stupid" try "I am so much smarter than my boss".

"I'm so glad I read about positive bitching on the Orphan Handbook blog today!"

Reminder: I'm gonna post the Mother's Day chat early so you can bookmark it. I will also post my twitter and make it so its public and not private just for the weekend. I also will post a link to my Youtube page so you can watch videos if you get bored. I will be tweeting all day on Mother's Day so you guy can keep up with what I am up to.

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