Tuesday, March 30, 2010

17 Ridiculously Useful Tips to Make Life Easier

I had to show you guys this link:
17 Ridiculously Useful Tips to Make Life Easier

I'm about to go grocerie shopping. I hope to get at least 15 items for $10 just like last time. I also hope to get things that don't require cooking so it saves me time and electricity. I am still doing my "Black-out month". Sleeping with the dog next to you helps keep you warm. Even if its a little Chihuahua.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Minimalist home with Artwork

Minimalist White Interior with Stunning Artwork
This is just an example of what I am aiming for. All the white is calming. Click the link for more.

Here is another example: HOME IN PROGRESS
Other pics of this can be found at www.fabulissime.com

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Surviving as an orphan adult

Less stress = Less likely to cry

Saving money = Less stress

Simplicity = Less stress

I donated three boxes and a bag of clothing to Goodwill yesterday. No, it doesn't look like I have been robbed. My place looks clean and organized. I'm trying to turn my home into a relaxing haven and save money. This is what orphans need most. Relaxation and money. Our lives are difficult enough already. Here are some things I have been up to and would like to share.

Black Out Days. I read about this last summer. It also comes from when I lived half a year without electricity. Last summer I unplugged the TV and the microwave when I wasn't using it and my power bill went from $30 to $16. But since winter has come it hasn't been so low. Hopefully in the summer I can save like I used to. I also got rid of my microwave and am now using the stove. Apparently the stove uses more power. darn. Anyways this weekend I unplugged all my lights. (keep in mind its not just not using them...unplugging them saves power) Somehow power is still used if an appliance is still plugged in even if its off. Go fig. but yeah unplugged radio, space heater, tv. Everything. I even turned the fridge down. Mine goes from 1 to 9 and so I turned it to 4. I have heard that halfway is best. I also hid my frying pan. Soon I will throw it out. I hope to have my black out days last at least a month and see what happens.

Declutter home. I donated 3 boxes and a bag of clothing. Its pretty much the last of everything. All that is left is disposable. Maybe I can post a little video so you guys have a better idea. Maybe next week. I got a receipt this time and now I won't owe as much on my taxes. YAY! Now my home is more relaxing. I feel happier at home. I feel more in control. And I am saving money by not buying more clutter.

White creates more space. I have noticed that white makes a room look bigger and it is also calming. I used to have a ton of black furniture but I got rid of all of the black art and the black toilet seat covers. I noticed that the white in my bathroom looked great.

Candles are calming. Burning candles is a form of decluttering. Some candles just sit around and look nice but sometimes you gotta burn one. Yesterday I burnt a small 25 cent skull candle from halloween. It was fun and relaxing. I have to put a sheet of plexi glass under it since it had no holder. It lasted 3 hours and it was only 3 inches high. I think those small candles are a good investment. Forget those large ones.

Pretend. When its windy outside, close your eyes and pretend you are by the ocean. My friends did this one morning and wrote to tell me about it. I think its cool.

Stay in on weekends. This saves gas and reduces stress. I hate those crazy drivers. And those vans driven by soccer moms. Stay in on weekends. Relax, write, read, draw, clean, watch a movie, play with your kids or a pet, play an instrument, put together a puzzle, take a nap. I know some of that sounds cheesy but the idea is to relax and not spend money. Other people are shopping and buying things they don't need, eating junk food, getting fat, wasting gas, getting in car accidents, watching sad stories on the news. You get the idea.

Video games can be therapeutic. My mom loved Tetris. It was a puzzle video game. I think puzzles are good to relax and keep your brain thinking. But don't let a puzzle stress you out.

Eat right. I gotta put this in here cus I tend to eat when I am bored. I shop at ADLI. (www.aldi.com) I think thats the link. Make sure to eat from all the 4 food groups. I think there is four. I get some blueberry and strawberry yogurt for about 49 cents each. So thats fruit. Then I get some cans of veggies like green beans, beets, potatoes, kidney beans, mushrooms, carrots, peas, etc at about 50 cents each. Then some 49 cent cans of tuna. I hate tuna but its healthy and cheap. It also prevents cramps right before your period. I think eggs are meat too. I hard boil those. Yogurt is also dairy. I also like cheese, and some lettuce....make a sandwich. Eat healthy and save money all that the same time. I'm not gonna pay $20 for a pizza that is only gonna last a day. Forget that.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Petition to help orphans of the US

Sign petition to help young and adult orphans of the US.

I found this. This is exactly what we need. Single mothers get assistance but what about us. We have no parents to help us with co-signing etc. If the economy gets bad we can't move back in with our parents. And there is no organization to help us. This petition will change that. We only have 20 so far. Let make life easier for us. Email this to all your friends. Sign petition to help US orphans HERE

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How being minimal saves money

Did you know that if you cut down on your sodium (or salt) intake your taste buds will become more sensitive to other tastes and you get use to not having as much salt? And then if you have salt on your food it would seem way too salty because you have become used to just a little bit of salt. That happened to me and I was surprise at how salty my food was. yuck.

The same thing goes for spending. I used to buy one movie or one cd or something each week. I would buy it online and wait for it to arrive and buying more stuff while waiting for the other stuff to arrive. It was all just to have time pass faster really. One book and a movie a week plus shipping could end up being $25 a week. Not much really but $25 a week for 4 weeks. Thats is $100 a month. Thats over $1,000 a year. And thats also over 40 movies a year. I don't want 40 movies in my apartment.

I stopped buying movies, books and cds. Now I just listen to the radio. Its free. I watch my favorite movies that I already have. And I read blogs in my spare time. I don't have time for a book. Like the taste for salt...I crave it less. I don't want to purchase anything anymore. Its clutter and a waste of money.

I save money and my apartment is clean and spacious. Now keep in mind I had a lot. A lot of crap. I'm still trying to get rid of it all. It has become an obsession. I wonder when it will all end and I will have perfect haven. No pictures on the wall except of my mom. Just a few. No rugs. Less than 20 coat hangers. Three bugs. Sometimes my bowl is dirty and I make oatmeal in a mug. I put green tea in the other. And the other mug holds forks and spoons. One towel. You get the idea.

Instead of movies and books, I sit outside and enjoy the weather. If its snowing I can sit inside and watch the snow. If there is snow on my balcony I can built a tiny snowman. Make art, write something, etc. Let everyone else buy buy buy and waste money like idiots. Behold you have been enlightened.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Minimalist Wallpapers

I'm always looking for something simple to have on my computer desktop. Something to help me relax at work.

Desktop Wallpapers for Minimalist Lovers

36 Beautiful wallpapers for minimalist lovers

Minimalism on Holidays

The holidays can be so complicated and expensive. I was just thinking of how a minimalist would approach each holiday. One of the biggest burdens of some holidays are gifts. I don't want most of the gifts I am given. And that makes a lot of clutter.

New Year's Eve/Day
An minimalist would stay in which would keep it safe and save money on gas. Maybe watch the ball drop or go to bed early.

Valentine's Day
Forget gifts. Just have sex with your loved one. If you don't have anyone then thats even more minimal.

St. Patrick's Day
Wear one green thing. Eat one green thing. Probably one of the most minimal of holidays. Less stressful too.

Hide one egg. When I was little all I wanted each easter was a stuffed animal. Thats all. Never liked Easter candy.

Mother's Day
Real minimalists don't have parents. I just hope for rain on Mother's Day.

Father's Day
Rain and McDonalds.

Independence Day
Watch fireworks. Or stay in a listen to them. Fireworks are too expensive.

Wear black. tada! Screw costumes. Maybe be a nudist. Thats pretty minimal. Shut the lights off at night and go to bed early. Don't go trick or treating nor pass out candy. If anything pass out some tofu.

Get some turkey lunch meat from the deli and have a sandwich. Make sure you are thankful.

Christmas (and similar holidays)
Don't wrap anything. Just have them close their eyes. If you get any presents....donate them to Goodwill in the Spring or re-give them to someone else. If you must gift wrap...try putting them in gift bags. That way there is no waste and no need to tape. I hate having left over rolls of wrapping paper. Gift bags are gift giving of the future. And they are reusable too.

The best gifts to give a minimalist: a roll of toilet paper. A nice soft one. A rainy day. A hug, a phone call, a text message, a lunch together, something that won't take up space. Something simple. Capeesh?

Did I forget anything? Yeah the holidays can be such a hassle. Just make it simple. No presents just hang and relax. Declutter and minimize.

Friday, March 19, 2010


I love her blog. I think its one of the best minimalist blogs out there. Go take a look see.

I'm a 20-something year old girl who lived with no fixed address and totally dependent on a single suitcase in 2006.

And thus, a minimalist was born.

You don't have to get rid of everything to become a minimalist - being a minimalist is about prioritizing, organizing and simplifying.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Orphan Handbook Update

Wasn't St. Patty's Day nice? I really think it its one of the least stressful holidays for an orphan. I liked it. Free green food too. The only set back could be if you wonder if you are irish and there is no way of knowing. Most people have a little bit irish in them anyways.

I got a cold last week. I think it was all that pollen. The trees are having sex. eww. I hope to start posting a bit more often. Talk later. Byes.

16 Tips to make it easier to move to New York

I'm still working on packing up and getting ready to move to NY. Each weekend I have a few boxes and bags to donate to Goodwill. Not today though since I am sick. I wanted to write down some of the things I have done or plan to do to make my move easier to NY.

1. Make it minimal. I plan on moving by plane with one suitcase and a carry-on. I also have plans in case I lose my suitcase. Taking just one suitcase will save expenses and make the move much easier. From what I have heard NY doesn't have a lot of apartment space anyways.

2. Minimizing. Donate most of your clothes. I am only taking some of my favorites along with some for job hunting. If I lose my suitcase I can just go to Goodwill and get some new clothes real fast.

3. No clock. If you have a cell phone you can use it as an alarm clock. I read this and I think its a great idea. My cell takes up so little space and I can customize the alarm tone. Even if I run out of minutes I can still use it as an alarm clock. sweet. *throws real alarm clock in Goodwill box*

4. No cd player. If you have an ipod keep that and get rid of the old school cd player. Or if you have a laptop you can play your cds and dvds on it. So that laptop takes the place of my cd player and my dvd player and tv. And if I have internet it also can be my radio and cable tv. Laptops also play mp3s so it could take the place of your mp3 player/ipod. WEEE!

5. Laptop tips. Macs are almost invincible. They cost more since they are invincible. I got mine refurbished for $700. Now the same laptop is $300. And mine has lasted 2 years now. Remember when you are going through security take your laptop out of your carry-on and put it next to your carry-on when it goes through the x-ray.

6. Job resume and portfolio. I am also taking along these items. But if my luggage gets lots I will also have the original files on my laptop and can have Fedex Kinkos make some copies and prints for me within 24 hours and have them delivered to me.

7. Sell your clothes. Make sure to sell them in season. If its March try taking a bag of summer clothes to your local resale shop. I got $6. But I wanted to get a suitcase they had so I got a $15 discount. Any clothes that are not sold donate to Goodwill.
Make sure to get a receipt for your donations so you can owe less on your taxes.

8. Personalize your suitcase. My suitcase is just plan and boring now. Try adding a bright colored tag or keychain so it will easily be spotted when you go to claim your luggage.

9. Carry-on importance. All irreplaceable items are to be in your carry-on. Like tax papers, family photos, laptop, medicine, etc. All things in my suitcase can be replaced. All clothes can be re-bought for the most part. All portfolio files can be reprinted. All books can be replaced.

10. Map. Keep a map of NY in your carry-on. Unless you know the place really well.

11. Stay with friends. They say its a good idea to stay with friends in NY until you find a job and apartment. Its also good to have some roomates to split the rent. I got two.

12. ID tags. Keep some type of contact info inside your suitcase incase it gets lost. Like a phone number or mailing address. It sucks to lose luggage and it does happen.

13. NY bank account. Make sure to have a bank account with a bank that is actually in NY.

14. Flying pets. Most airlines will not fly pets in the summer. The summer is also the most busy time to fly or move.

15. Saying good-bye to personal items. There are several things I may not be able to take with me. Like a blanket my mom made for me before she died. And some stuffed animals she bought me when I was a kid and an old photo album that no longer is sticky enough to hold photos. These things serve no purpose. They are just proof that she was once here. I'm pretty sure I am gonna take part of the blanket that she made from granny squares and make a scarf out of it. And wear that on the trip. The rest of it can be donated and help some one stay warm. And the photo album. I just need to stay good bye to. And the stuffed animals. I screamed from across the mall for mom to buy me one of em. I feel mom my get mad at me for getting rid of it. And the other stuffed animal she got me used to say "I love you" when you squeezed it. Now it doesn't. Which is sad. I keep squeezing it and hoping that I can hear it just one more time. Also a hand made stocking that Grammy made that has my name on it. I will never use it since I never get presents and no one else can really use it since it has my name on it. An army bag dyed black from when my sister used to hang out with me. Now she never talks to me. A hand painted cat she bought for me. Reminds me of how cool she used to be and how I used to look up to her. She tried to kill herself when I was 13. Now she is a Christian and never talks to me.

16. Save up. Its always nice to have some money saved up before the move. I know sometimes you just want to go now. Unless you are moving in with relatives I suggest that you have a couple thousand saved up....maybe more.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Orphan Assistance

There isn't a day that goes by that we aren't reminded that we are orphans. Times can be especially hard during an economic recession in the US. I've looked for some means of help or assistance for orphans. Ironically there is assistance for single mothers. Which I think is dumb. I'm sure they have parents that can help them. This is one of the reasons I started this blog in the first place. To help orphans cus no one else will.

I found out that my two friends from college that were going to move into a new place with me may not be coming. That means I don't get to save more money per month so I can get my car paid off so I can get cheaper insurance so I can sell my car and save up more money so I can move to NY where there are more jobs and I can have a boss who doesn't give me panic attacks. So yeah that kinda upsets me. But as orphans we know that you can't trust anyone. We would like to but no. We are on our own and have to use our brains to survive.

If my friends don't move when we planned to I will donate more stuff to Goodwill which I was saving for them. Like a beanbag and extra cups and presents. I have crunched more numbers to see if I can get my car paid off by December. Since no one will help us we just have to save money the best way we know how.

Rent. We can't usually change the price of rent. Unless you have roommates and that isn't going to happen apparently with me.

Gas or car. I barely ever go out. I save money on gas by driving the speed limit and only going to and from work and stopping by the grocery store on the way home. And since I don't drive as much I don't need to get an oil change as much. They say you should get an oil change every 3,000 miles but if I were to do that I would only get an oil change once a year.

Power or electricity. I opened up the blinds and let the light in instead of turning the lights on. I'm not cooking as much. I don't need to cook a banana. And it doesn't take that long to heat up some water for some tea or oatmeal. I don't have a tv so I don't watch that much and save that way. Also if you do have a tv make sure to unplug it when you aren't watching it. This can save a lot of money. Unplug microwave. I got rid of my microwave. Now the the weather is better I don't have to use my space heater. I have one of those energy saving space heaters. It uses up much less power than the heater in the ceiling or the floor. And my laptop usage is down to a minimum. I'm sure you have notice since I haven't been posting as much as I used to. That should cover just about all the usual power usage.

Food. I used to shop at Wal-mart. Now I shop at ALDI. Its a very low priced grocery store. They save money by making you use a quarter to use a shopping cart and then when you are done you get your quarter back. Also you have to buy bags to put your food in but most of the stuff comes in boxes so I just take a box and fill it with food. Or you can bring your own box. The prices are great. Like 55 cents for a can of green beans. I eat that for lunch. Only spending 55 cents for lunch is so much better than wasting gas driving to a fast food place and spending $5 on a meal. I know a can of beans may not be the ideal lunch. But I would rather spend $3 a week on lunch than $25. Thats $100 a month only on lunch plus the gas to get there. LAME! I used to spend $150 a month on food now I spend $60. Rock on!

Car insurance. Once I get my car paid off Ii will be cheaper since I won't have to have full coverage. I also have it automatically withdrawn from my bank account which gives me a small discount. Also being a good driver gives you a discount and staying with them for a few years gives you a discount. I use Progressive by the way.

Water bill. Its water. How much could you possibly use? Just make sure you don't leave faucets dripping etc. And maybe take shorter showers. I guess its cheaper if you live in an apartment. If you have a house I guess you have to fill up your pool and water the lawn and stupid stuff like that. I have not advice for that.

Don't buy anything. Unless you need it. ALDI has 4 rolls of toilet paper for 89 cents. Isn't that the best deal ever? Its a shame I don't eat toilet paper. To me getting to NY is more important than a new vanilla candle. More important than a new movie or new shoes. In the summer I wear flip-flops anyways. You have enough clothes. Don't buy anymore. Don't buy cds. Just listen to the radio. Its free. Maybe get a cassette tape and record your favorite song when it comes on the radio. I used to do that a lot but my radio doesn't record anymore. Rent videos from the library. Get a book from the library and read it outside. There you just saved money on that book and the electricity to use light to read it. Quit buying dumb stuff. We want life to be easier and it will only get easier if we simplify our lives. The things we want most in life are gone....our parents. Let all the spoiled brats who have parents waste their money on dumb stuff and let them go broke.

Sell stuff and make money. I took two small bags of clothing to a resale shop in town. Make sure the clothes are in season. Like now spring is just starting so I took short sleeves and tank tops. Also they want nice brand names. I know they did take my Victoria Secret black lace tank top. It was too small for me anyways. I got $6 for whatever they took. hmmm $6 thats free lunch for a week or a little bit of gas in your car. And if you make an extra $6 a month that is over $60 in a year. And $60 is more than a tank of gas. Its food for a month. Its a good amount. You can also try to sell dvds to Vintage stock. I sold back some 30 Days of Night action figures and for $3. You can pawn jewelry. I pawned a cross on a necklace and got $15. You can also sell books to a use bookstore. Most of the time they will want to give you credit so you buy more books though. Have a yard sale. I'm not sure if you need to have a permit or whatever. Maybe you can have your church have a church wide rummage sale. I say this cus my mom used to love to shop at yard sales and church sales when I was a kid. I can't go now cus I find it kinda creepy. But yeah. Yard sale fun! maybe have everything be a dollar. Even if its something like a toaster. It will surely sell. Most likely everything will sell. If you have 100 things and sell everything for a $1 each....boom! You got $100. YAY ORPHAN ASSISTANCE!!!

I hope this all helps. Can't wait til the economy gets better.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Financial Aid for Orphans

Hey look what I found.
I think you guys would like it.

Health Tips for an orphan

For the past two weeks I thought I was having a heart attack. My chest hurt and I couldn't sleep at night. My heart wouldn't slow down. Turns out I was having panic attacks. And I also had high blood pressure. Now I am much better but I wanted to let you guys know since it scared the crap out of me.

1. Reduce your sodium. Sodium increases your blood pressure. Avoid salt. I threw out ALL of my salt.

2. Increase potassium. A quick way to reduce your sodium is to take more potassium. Sloppy poo is a sign that you aren't getting enough potassium. Eat some bananas, kidney beans, and salmon. Google some other foods that are high in potassium. After three days of eatting some bananas and kidney beans I can finally sleep and my chest stopped hurting.

3. Drink Milk. Cheese has more sodium so drink milk to get your calcium.

4. Eat Salmon. That stuff is great for your heart. Oatmeal is very good for your heart too. I hate the stuff but its better than feeling like you are about to die.

5. Don't smoke. Duh. Just letting you know. Smoking really hurts your heart.

Once I found out about all this I went grocery shopping on my lunch break. I got some bananas, salmon, and kidney beans. Lettuce is better than cabbage even though I love cabbage. Yogurt is good source of potassium too and it is good for females and their private areas. I took a sick day off from work. I think my boss definitely was contributing to the stress. My chest still hurts a little when I think about him.

Also if you are really worried and are having chest pains call 911. I didn't because I would rather die that pay for an ambulance. Shit how much can an orphan take?

PLUS: Emma says physical exercise helps. Yes, I know. I need to do that more.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Spring time tips for Orphans

Yes, Spring is near. I can't wait. I can always save so much more money in the Spring. I have been feeling better. Not crying as much. I am limiting my salt intake which lowers blood pressure. Here are some tips for an orphan in the spring along with whatever else I have discovered since I last wrote you guys.

1. Daylight savings time. Don't forget to turn your clocks a head in the Spring. "Spring forward; Fall back" Thats the easy way to remember it. We still have a few weeks until we turn our clocks an hour ahead. I love this cus I won't have to drive home in the dark.

2. Uncover those windows. In the winter I had blankets covering the windows to save heat and save money. In the Spring I can take them down AND open the blinds and use natural light instead of using electricity to see. That will save more on my power bill.

3. Save on gas. In warmer weather you won't have to keep that gas tank full as often. In winter there is the risk of ice forming in your tank if it isn't full during freezing weather. But in Spring you can use it all up before filling up again. Just don't run out of gas and make sure to fill up the tank in the morning when the gas isn't as hot.

4. Spring cleaning. Since the weather is nicer you can load up your car with boxes to be donated and drive to your nearest Goodwill or your local Salvation Army. They will ask you if you want a tax receipt. You can use it as a tax deduction. Honestly I never take receipts cus no one would ever believe how much I have donated plus its probably more than I earn in a year. Remember I am trying to move to NY in a year and I am trying to have everything I need in one suitcase and a carry-on.

5. Wear less. Today I didn't have to wear my winter coat. Just a hoodie. Yesterday I just wore a sweater. Makes you feel like you are forgetting something when you walk out of the door.

Remember Spring also has its bad times for an orphan. Like I said St. Patrick's Day should be easy for an orphan but those other holidays.... Mother's and Father's Day. Gosh what do we do on those days? I will be moving the week after Mother's Day. Some friends from college and I are getting a bigger place. Also my mom's Bday is in April. Last year it was rainy on Mother's Day. I love the rain. It clams me. I went to the movies on Mother's Day. I went to see the new Star Trek movie. Mom loved Star Trek. Ironically Spock's mom dies. But it didn't make me cry. Everything has been so commercialized this year. Who knows how much we will have to hear and endure about Mother's Day? Most of the day will probably be avoiding the people who have moms and missing ours. By the way I think its normal to be a tad jealous of others and their parents. I will post later on the whole Mother's Day survival thing.