Monday, March 1, 2010

Spring time tips for Orphans

Yes, Spring is near. I can't wait. I can always save so much more money in the Spring. I have been feeling better. Not crying as much. I am limiting my salt intake which lowers blood pressure. Here are some tips for an orphan in the spring along with whatever else I have discovered since I last wrote you guys.

1. Daylight savings time. Don't forget to turn your clocks a head in the Spring. "Spring forward; Fall back" Thats the easy way to remember it. We still have a few weeks until we turn our clocks an hour ahead. I love this cus I won't have to drive home in the dark.

2. Uncover those windows. In the winter I had blankets covering the windows to save heat and save money. In the Spring I can take them down AND open the blinds and use natural light instead of using electricity to see. That will save more on my power bill.

3. Save on gas. In warmer weather you won't have to keep that gas tank full as often. In winter there is the risk of ice forming in your tank if it isn't full during freezing weather. But in Spring you can use it all up before filling up again. Just don't run out of gas and make sure to fill up the tank in the morning when the gas isn't as hot.

4. Spring cleaning. Since the weather is nicer you can load up your car with boxes to be donated and drive to your nearest Goodwill or your local Salvation Army. They will ask you if you want a tax receipt. You can use it as a tax deduction. Honestly I never take receipts cus no one would ever believe how much I have donated plus its probably more than I earn in a year. Remember I am trying to move to NY in a year and I am trying to have everything I need in one suitcase and a carry-on.

5. Wear less. Today I didn't have to wear my winter coat. Just a hoodie. Yesterday I just wore a sweater. Makes you feel like you are forgetting something when you walk out of the door.

Remember Spring also has its bad times for an orphan. Like I said St. Patrick's Day should be easy for an orphan but those other holidays.... Mother's and Father's Day. Gosh what do we do on those days? I will be moving the week after Mother's Day. Some friends from college and I are getting a bigger place. Also my mom's Bday is in April. Last year it was rainy on Mother's Day. I love the rain. It clams me. I went to the movies on Mother's Day. I went to see the new Star Trek movie. Mom loved Star Trek. Ironically Spock's mom dies. But it didn't make me cry. Everything has been so commercialized this year. Who knows how much we will have to hear and endure about Mother's Day? Most of the day will probably be avoiding the people who have moms and missing ours. By the way I think its normal to be a tad jealous of others and their parents. I will post later on the whole Mother's Day survival thing.

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