Saturday, February 20, 2010

Orphan Handbook Update

I haven't updated or posted anything in a while. I've been having a terrible time at work and I really need to get away. I have been packing up for NY and filling up boxes to give to Goodwill. I figure that once I am ready something will happen and I can go to NY now. I finished reading Anderson Coopers book and I stopped crying so much.

I am a tad worried about my health. I just feel that I really need to get away from my boss. He is extremely racist and can't spell at all. He makes me want to kill myself. I am hoping to have my car paid off in September. We were planning on staying in the south another year and saving up before moving to NY. But I don't know if I can go through another year. You guys know I can take a lot but the economy is so bad. I can't find another job in this town but I can't quite go to NY yet.

I hate how I try so hard yet he still yells at me. He always wants the impossible. I think the economy in the US is especially dangerous for adult orphans on their own. Once I get my car paid off I will have excellent credit and can sell my car and get the money back and go to NY.

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