Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tax advice for orphans - Part 2

I just filed my taxes today. I used Liberty Tax Service. I was hoping to get a tax refund but no. I actually owed money. Which is kinda strange since I am already scrapping by. Its because I didn't put 0 on my tax w2 form thingy when i got my job. It always the part that I never know what to put. And normally I would call up my mom and ask her but we all know she is dead. So then I try to ask the person employing me....they say they can't legally tell me what to put. Well dammit you can at least explain to me what it means to put 0 or 1. Shit!

Well thanks to President Obama he save me some cash. The government is giving people who work $400. So that saved me a ton on the taxes that I apparently owe. Now I owe a little over $100 total.

So I just wanted you guys to know. Always put 0 on your taxes. That way the government takes out too much taxes and you end up getting a nice check in March. But if you were clueless like me and put 1 then you will owe money. You would think I would have this down right by now. Well now I know.

Also an update on Valentine's Day. I'm doing okay. Kinda lonely but I'm fine. I listened to my Patsy Cline cd and it doesn't sound like the songs my mom used to listen to. It sounds slightly different. It bugs me. So its really not as sad as I thought it would be. But it really doesn't remind me of her. Have a nice Valentine's Day!

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