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50 Ways to Save Money to the Extreme

Want to get ahead in the economy and in life? Here are 50 drastic ways to cut on everyday costs. I should change all the numbers to little boxes so you can check ' em off. Make sure to pass this list on to all of your friends.

1. Cut your dryer sheets in half. Only use one half at a time.

2. Drive the speed limit. Everyone speeds but if we drove a little slower we would avoid traffic tickets and save gas.

3. Unplug your tv, microwave etc. when not in use. This cut my electricity bill in half. I also lost some weight plugging things back in when I needed them.

4. Bring a lunch to work. I used to go to a nearby restaurant everyday but now I just bring something cheaper to heat up in the microwave. This not only saves money spend on fast food but on the gas it would take to go to and from the restaurant.

5. Fill your gas tank when its cold. In the winter time this is easy. In the summer time make sure to fill up your gas tank in the morning. As the day goes by the temperature gets hotter and gas expands causing you get get less gas for your money if you choose to fill up in the afternoon.

6. Keep your gas tank at least half full in the winter time. Condensation may collect in your gas tank and cause engine problems. Keeping your tank more than half full will prevent this.

7. Buy those energy saving light bulbs. they look more like coils than bulbs. They last longer and save energy. This should reduce your electricity bill.

8. Lose the landline phone and just use your own personal cell phone.

9. Eat healthier. This will build up your immune system keeping you from getting sick and preventing hospital bills.

10. Cut your own hair. Get some clippers from the store. They come with attachments where you can buzz off your hair leaving about an inch long all around.

11. Add a little bit of water to your milk when having cereal. You will barely notice. Your milk will last longer. I've tried just using water when I run out of milk and it just looks gross and isn't as cold.

12. Water down your shampoo. Make sure to shake it up. Its going to be kinda runny.

13. If its yellow let it mellow, if its brown flush it down. This will help the water bill. I don't recommend it if you have any ladies in the house.

14. A full freezer uses less power to stay cold.

15. Get rid of those credit cards. They only create debt.

16. Use Forever stamps. These stamps can be used at any time. Even if the cost of postage goes up. So you don't have to buy one cent stamps to keep up with the cost of postage.

17. Pay bills online. then you save envelopes and stamps. Sometimes you can get a discount for paying bills online.

18. Some car insurance companies will give you a discount if your car insurance is automatically withdrawn from your bank account each month.

19. Check with your electricity company to see if you can sign up to pay the average amount that you use each month. It will be kinda high in the summer but it will help you in the winter.

20. Sit down each pay day and plan out your expenses. If you have any extra money, put it in a savings account. It is always good to have some money set aside just incase you lose your job or there is some type of an emergency.

21. Also keep in mind that when you put money in a savings account you earn interest. Its like getting paid to save money.

22. Stay in on your days off. Relax and plan your budget. This will save gas and unnecessary expenses.

23. Have your girlfriend cook for you at home instead of going out to a restaurant. She needs to get ready for the married life.

24. Join Netflix instead of buying or renting movies. Netflix saves gas and late fees.

25. Borrow books from the library rather than buying new from the local store. Library cards are free and you might meet a girl that can actually read.

26. Buy online. The cost of having something shipped to you is cheaper than you driving to the store to get it. You can also get it cheaper online. YOu just have to wait a little longer to get it.

27. Instead of going to the strip club, have your girlfriend/wife strip for you. That way you don't have to tip her.

28. Save unwanted Holiday gifts you got this year and re-give them to other people next year.

29. Give the toilet paper core to your dog. They love chewing on them. And its cheap too. You just saved $5 on a dog toy that would have only lasted a week anyways.

30. Finding professional clothes for work at a thrift store can be difficult but they do have a lot of ties to choose from at really good prices. Maybe even some belts too.

31. If you take your girl out to the movies, take her before 7pm. The ticket prices will be cheaper and the sun may be setting when the movie is over. Oh, how romantic.

32. Buy less cable channels and go over to your friends house to watch tv. Eat his food while your at it.

33. Text your friends instead of calling them. Texting is cheaper for me. Not for everyone though.

34. Wash your dishes by hand. This will save water and electricity.

35. When washing clothes use the warm setting and not hot. This will save electricity.

36. Use coupons. If a chick sees you using coupons she may be impressed and follow you home.

37. Stop buying soda and drink tap water.

38. Grow your own veggies. Free water and veggies. Its like you're a freaking hippie.

39. Get rid of your internet and take your laptop to places that have free wifi like Taco Bell, Barnes & Noble, Panera and McDonalds.

40. Buy a winter coat in the spring when they are on sale.

41. Buy summer clothes in the fall when they are on sale.

42. Don't have kids until the economy gets better.

43. Don't get married until the economy gets better.

44. Stop dating. Spend your hard earned money on your savings account and not on her.

45. Don't renew those magazine subscriptions. You can view free magazines online. There are a few exceptions to this rule if you know what I mean.

46. Do your laundry at your friends house.

47. Drive less and get an oil change less often. If I got an oil change every 3,000 miles like they say I'm supposed to I would be getting an oil change once a year. So I have to settle for every 3-4 months.

48. Pay bills with your debt card. Remember the thing I mentioned earlier that takes money that you actually have out of your bank account? Use that and save money by not using checks.

49. If you do plan on getting married, try to talk her into eloping rather than having a big wedding. Just take a nice romantic trip instead. Or post-pone the wedding until the economy gets better.

50. Get a prenuptial agreement just incase things don't work out. Its like divorce insurance.

How to find a new job

In this recession is can be very hard to find a job after being laid off. There is no guarantee but here are some personal tips from my past that I will pass on to you on how to get hired.

1. If you are a female let your hair down. Literally don't put your hair up in a ponytail. Let it down. I was job hunting and I had tried about 10 places and in the car my hair band broke so I had to have my hair down. The next two places I went hired me on the spot.

2. Don't give up. It doesn't cost much to keep filling out applications and keep looking. Everyday apply to various places.

3. Look on Craigslist, and Look for various websites that may post help wanted ads. And apply to all that you qualify for. Send a resume if they request it. Make sure to give them contact info so they can call you for an interview.

4. Try Googling "help wanted" and terms like that.

5. Ask friends if they know of anyone who is hiring.

6. If you are a college graduate make sure you have a copy of your diploma. They may ask for it. Make sure to have a portfolio of your work if your profession requires it. (marketing, commercial arts, photography etc.)

7. Cover up any tattoos and piercing. This should be obvious but some people just don't get it.

8. If you are a guy with long hair, try getting a haircut. You can always grow it back later. This includes mullets. Its so strange how someone would rather starve and end up homeless than get a haircut.

9. Make sure you hair is a normal color. Yes, I envy those nurses with the purple hair and their job security. Those are the benefits of a college degree but in a recession like this I wouldn't take the risk. Just dye your hair purple when you retire a millionaire after you work for your new job for 20 years that you got because you dyed your hair a normal color.

10. Again, don't give up. There are people out there who take their jobs for granted who get fired everyday. If you keep searching you will find a job that wants a hard worker like you. Now stop reading this and go look for a job.

How to have a decent New Year's Eve

Sometimes I go to bed early because I just don't want to think about it. Some of you may want to do something on New Year's Eve perhaps due to loneliness. There are some ideas I got for you.

1. You can go out to a party. Maybe a friend is having a party that you can go to.

2. Stay home and watch the ball drop. Make sure to order pizza early.

3. Stay off the roads. Be ware of those drunks out there. You need to stay safe.

4. Plan for next year. You want this next year to be better, right? Think of not just one resolution but several. If you could go back and redo this past year what things would you have changed? Try and use that information to make this next year better.

5. Clean the house. Try to get some cleaning done before the next year. Think of all the dumb people that are gonna be out partying and you will have a clean kitchen.

6. You can watch a movie. Write something, read something.

7. Make goals for this next year. You may want to get out of debt or save up some extra money. Maybe try to get a new job or start a new hobby.

8. Start a blog and see if you can keep it updated for a year. Remember to NOT put any personal info on there like where you live.

9. Relax. Stay at home and save money. Pop some popcorn. Start reading a new book. Why are people celebrating at midnight? Are they happy that crappy year is over? Or are they excited for next year? Either way I'm sure you feel that same way. This isn't quite like other holidays where it a family thing. This is a time thing. We all want a new start. No need to feel left out.

10. Try and prepare for the next holiday. The dreaded Valentine's Day. I always used to go to an art show on VDay.

Again we always seem to think that the holidays are easy but then when we are alone we realize how unprepared we are and then you usually get online and come across a page like this. Thats not a bad thing but I still want to help you. Also remember to stock up on food. You never know when there may be a snow storm and you may be snowed in for a few days. Most people can get a relative to bring over some food or they live with their folks and they have it all in the house, the food, the movies, the cable. We gotta be prepared. A emotional break down over the holidays is completely unnecessary.

How to get back on your feet in life

How do you get back on your feet when you are an adult orphan that may be having money problems and you have no one to help you. i want to give my advice of how you can get your life in order.

1. Learn from your mistakes. Don't trust everyone. Be very selective. Lookout for yourself. You don't have a family to back you up. Realize where things went wrong. If you could go back what would you have done differently? Now don't ever make that mistake again.

2. Be independent. I know as orphans we want a family. We want to be taken care of. But in this world we really have to be adults. We need to be able to always have a back up plan. Have money saved up in case something happens. Don't have everything in your life be dependent on someone else. Don't have all your hopes be dependent on someone else. Don't fall apart just because someone doesn't want to be with you anymore. Have all your hopes be dependent on yourself and what you are going to accomplish in life. Also don't let someone be dependent on you. Don't drive them to work or give them money. Make them get a job and get their own car. They are the ones with parents, make them grow up. Why should they have it easy? I have a 40 year old cousin who still lives with his mom. What a dork. Grow up! If you are dependent on someone else for help then they can take advantage of you and control you. You are at their mercy. You don't want that. You want to be in control. If someone is dependent on you, they are still taking advantage of you and stealing from you. They are using you. Don't let them.

2. Set goals in life. This will help you move forward and help you organize your life. You may need to get out of debt. You may want to get a good job. Get a new car, a better house, start a family etc. Write these goals down and plan on how you are going to accomplish them.

3. Get out of Debt. Get a job and start making payments on your debt. Pay off that credit card and never use it again. Pay off a little bit of your debt each month. If you aren't making enough money to do that try getting some extra work on the side. If you are a graphic artist try doing some freelance work to make some extra money. If you are photogenic try some modeling. Some one may need an article written, or someone may need some snow shoveled. I have even seen a help wanted ad that said "Get paid to wave". Anyone could do that. You can do these odd jobs on your days off or after your usual job. Always check and look for some extra work for make you some extra money. Look under the "Gigs" listing. You may even come across a job offer thats even better than what you have now.

4. Get a family. I think perhaps the easiest way for finding a family or at least a place where it is like a family is a church. Not all churches are the same. Some are really messed up. I don't have anything to do with the church because I know there is no way they could ever accept me. But for some this may help. Its a good place to meet friends and perhaps a future spouse. If you have no luck with a church try a local group. Like a book club where a small group of people meet each week at the library or a volunteer group that helps the community. I have found this step to be somewhat difficult. But keep looking and researching. Try using your hobbies as help to find groups that have similar interests. If I come up with any more Ideas I will post them I promise.

5. Move on. Don't let the past hold you back. You may think of things of the past every now and then but don't let it get to you. Look a head to the future and plan to make your life better. Remember to not make the same mistakes you made in the past.

I hope these tips have helped. I will be posting some more articles on related topics. Remember most people who have a family never seem to really grow up. They always have someone to help them. They seem to take advantage of others and always need to be baby-ed. But adult orphans have to grow up. We need to be prepared for anything that happens in life.

How to get over a breakup

1. One thing I do when I guy leaves me is I take a piece of paper and write down all of the reasons why he is a loser. For example he may drink too much, or he smells, he cheats, he has no money, he lives with his mom, he never calls, he is ugly, he didn't like my art etc. There are so many reasons. Then you realize you deserve better. When ever you start to miss him or think of him just read that list and remember how better off you are without him/her.

2. Never give second chances. I never do. Why? Did you not learn your lesson the first time? If he didn't do it right the first time why give him a second chance? No one ever gives me a second chance.

3. Improve yourself. Sometimes when someone get s divorce or goes through a break up they take it personally and just fall apart. Their place falls apart and they just fall apart. They become a loser. Why do that? Make yourself better? Make then wish they hadn't left you. Dress better, work harder at your job, clean your house, save more money, get a hair cut, improve yourself. Make progress. Become stronger. Don't look back.

4. Eat healthy and work out. This will make you feel better. Instead of ice cream try a fruit salad, or some strawberry yogurt. Take a walk outside. Visit a health club. You may meet someone.

5. I love watching funny movies after a break up. Its so nice to laugh when that jerk is gone. Try watching some funny movies. I remember watching Vampires Kiss a year ago when a guy left me. The dvd came in the mail the day he broke up with me. Sweet.

Just don't let yourself fall apart. Don't cry over a loser and learn from it. Yes it is nice to have someone to hang out with and enjoy being with but a persons happiness should be completely dependent on someone who treats you like crap.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Cruelty-Free Shampoos and Conditioners

I wanted to make it easier for people to find and have access to products that do not do animal testing. Most are hard to find in stores. Some well-known ones are Avon, Revlon (they don't do animal testing anymore), Shaklee, and Arbonne. Revlon has a brand of Shampoo called Flex. I hope to do more blogs on other products that are cruelty-free like makeup, etc.

Arbonne, Avon and Shaklee sell a lot of cometics. You should look into that. Avon also makes St. Ives produst which can be found in stores. My biggest problem is trying to find a cruelty-free shampoo that matches my bathroom. Also make sure to visit to find a list of more companies that don't do animal testing.

Friday, December 18, 2009

List of Famous Orphans

List of Famous Orphans

Classical and religious scriptural
Aristotle, Greek philosopher and scientist, orphaned in early childhood.
Cyrus the Great, Persian emperor, orphaned in childhood.
Moses, major prophet in Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, orphaned as an infant.
Muhammad, central figure in Islam, orphaned at age 6.
Romulus and Remus, traditional founders of ancient Rome, orphaned in infancy.


Andrew JacksonAlexander Hamilton, U.S. founding father, orphaned at age 13.
Ben W. Hooper, governor of Tennessee, 1911 to 1915, raised in an orphanage.
Herbert Hoover, U.S. president, orphaned at age 9.
Andrew Jackson, U.S. president, orphaned at age 14.
Edward Langworthy, U.S. patriot and founding father, raised in an orphanage.
Nelson Mandela, president of South Africa, raised as a ward.
Eleanor Roosevelt, U.S. First Lady, civil-rights activist, orphaned at age 10.
Bertrand Russell, political philosopher, orphaned at age 3.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau, political philosopher, raised by aunt and uncle.
Tecumseh, Native American leader, orphaned as a child.
Tom Vilsack, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, former Iowa governor, adopted at birth.
Malcolm X, political and civil rights activist, raised in an orphanage and foster care.

Authors and poets
Leo TolstoyEdward Albee, playwright, adopted as an infant.
John Keats, poet, raised partly by his grandmother.
W. Somerset Maugham, author, orphaned in childhood.
James Michener, author, adopted as an infant.
Edgar Allan Poe, author, orphaned in childhood.
J. R. R. Tolkien, author, orphaned at age 12.
Leo Tolstoy, author, orphaned at age 9.
Henry Morton Stanley, journalist, explorer, raised in a workhouse.
Dale Wasserman, playwright, orphaned at age 9.
William Wordsworth, poet, orphaned at age 12.

Arts, entertainment, sports
Ella FitzgeraldLouis Armstrong, musician, raised in an orphanage and by his grandmother.
Johann Sebastian Bach, composer, orphaned at age 9.
Tallulah Bankhead, actress, orphaned as an infant.
Ingrid Bergman, actress, orphaned at age 12.
Carol Burnett, entertainer, raised by her grandmother.
Ray Charles, singer, orphaned at age 15.
Henry Darger, artist whose work focused on orphans.
Ice-T, rapper, actor, orphaned aged 9.
Juliette Drouet, actress, orphaned in childhood.
Ella Fitzgerald, singer, orphaned in childhood.
Samuel Goldwyn, film mogul, raised by relatives.
James Hetfield, singer, ophaned by cancer at 16.
Faith Hill, singer, adopted as an infant.
Billie Holiday, singer, intermittently abandoned in childhood.
John Lennon, musician, raised by his aunt and uncle.
George Lopez, comedian,raised by a grandmother.
Frances McDormand, best actress Academy Award winner, adopted as an infant.
Marilyn Monroe, entertainer, raised in foster care.
Babe Ruth, baseball star, raised in an orphanage.
Bessie Smith, singer, orphaned at age 9.
Barbara Stanwyck, actress, raised in foster homes from age 2.
Trent Reznor, orphaned when parents abandoned him at age 5 and raised by grandparents.
Jeordie White, of Marilyn Manson band, orphaned by father as an infant.
Art Clokey, creator of Gumby. Father died and mother abandoned him at age 11.

Science and business
George Washington CarverGeorge Washington Carver, scientist, inventor, orphaned while a slave.
Steven Paul Jobs, Apple Computer founder and executive, orphaned as infant.
Johannes Kepler, scientist, raised by grandmother.
Percy Spencer, inventor, orphaned in childhood.
Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy's restaurants, adopted as an infant.

10 Ways to Cope with Grief

Keanu Reeves once said "Grief changes shape, but it never ends". I believe that to be true. We will never forget the loved ones we have lost but we need to learn to manage the grief so we can keep going in life and make things easier for us. Since I have been an orphan for over 10 years I will try to give you my best advice on the matter.

1. Get a hobby or two if you don't already have one. I know this sounds cheesey and it seems like you are running from the pain but your will come across triggers of grief many times in the future and then you can grieve. One shouldn't have to always feel the pain of losing a loved one. I think it is healthy to try to enjoy things in life. A hobby also can create goals and achievements in life. Things that would have made your loved one proud. I like to find ways of saving money. I know that would have made my mom proud. It also makes life easier for me. Also blogging to help others is a hobby that would have made her proud. Maybe do some volunteer work, write something, plant something...

2. Try watching a movie.
Beware that some movies have emotional triggers and can make your pain worse. Try something comical that would make you laugh. I love vampire comedies. Don't let movie watching become an addiction. Its just something nice to past the time and put your mind at ease.

3. Keeping a journal helps. I have kept various journals since a year after my mom died. Its also nice to look back and see how things were a week or a year before. You can write about how you feel. If you are starting to not feel so on edge and maybe see what may cause emotional triggers. (a trigger is something that reminds you of your loved one consciously or subconsciously and causes you to become upset. Sometimes it can be a song, or what someone wore or even a time of year.)

4. Pick out a book to read. Its like the opposite of having a journal. It passes the time and keeps your mind occupied. And instead of putting things down on paper you are picking things up off of paper. Maybe a biography. I always love learning about other people and their lives. I always keep an emergency unread book around just in case I get lonely and kinda freak out if you know what I mean. And a library card doesn't cost anything.

5. Hang out with friends and family.
It will keep your mind on other things and you will be surrounded by people who care about you. Maybe go camping, fishing, or go to a concert. Maybe a TINY bit of shopping wouldn't hurt. Wash your car, walk the dog.

6. Eat healthy. Going through the loss of a loved one can take a toll on you emotionally and your immune system can be weakened temporarily. Eating healthy will help you feel better and keep you from getting sick. If you are crying a lot drink lots of water. You don't want to get dehydrated and get sick.

7. Go see a counselor. There are lots of people who would loved to have someone to talk to but don't have anyone or can't afford it. Some people went to college just to be able to help you in your situation. Take advantage of that. There are hotlines that you can call also. You deserve to have someone to talk to.

8. If you start to cry in public, try to go to the restroom and sit and relax and take a deep breath. If you cry too hard it can hurt you physically. Its okay to cry a little. Understand that someone loses a loved one each day. Maybe try calling up a friend to talk to. Again drink lots of water. When you are dehydrated it will also cause headaches.

9. Try to see the good in the tragedy. Yes, it is obvious that a tragedy is a terrible thing. But great things can come from pain. If I weren't an orphan I wouldn't care at all about my own kind. At least not as much as I do now. But I do care and I want to help them and make life easier for them. If you can't see the good...then make the good. If you lost someone to cancer then try telling others about the dangers of cancer and maybe donate to help cancer research.

10. Pray. Even though life has been hard for me I am still gonna wait until the last minute to take my anger out on God. Maybe there is some good reason why it all happened the way it did. But why not talk to God? Mom is up there with Him now anyways. Or at least try talking to your loved one. This can be very hard. Sometimes its just easier to talk to the Man upstairs.

Well there is 10 ways to help with grieving. I hope I helped someone. We are all going through this together and we gotta help each other. We shouldn't have hard lives just because we loved and lost someone. Plus we may see them again.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tips for an Adult Orphans Home

It sucks when there's so much you should have learned from your mom but had to learn it the hard way.

The kitchen
Drip pans are the metal pans under the coils of your stove top. Some slide out so you can clean them. Some are a pain in the ass and you have to unplug them or something. When moving into an sure to check to see what kind of drip pans you have. Turns out two of mind pull out and two don't. And I have been using the two that don't. darn. Where's ma when you need her. I also put cereal boxes in the fridge so bugs don't get into them.

Avoid getting sick.
Being an orphan can be sad most of the time and cause one to become more likely to get sick. One winter I got a stomach virus and my aunt wouldn't come over to help. I ended up having to go to the hospital and getting an IV and also a $3,000 hospital bill which I couldn't pay very fast and so I got a letter saying it was going to collections. Thats when I cry and wish my mom were here. I called my aunt again and she said they can set up a payment plan. So I paid a couple hundred each month. Anyways I have found one way to boost your immune system is green tea. It helps you stay healthy, helps your teeth, and I kinda lost some weight when I first started drinking a cup of it a day. They have flavored Green tea. Celestial Seasonings Blueberry Breeze Green Tea and grapefruit green tea. And the Arizona Green tea you can get already made in a jug at the store. If you use tea bags and hot water make sure to add some honey or it will taste yucky. I used to hate tea but if it saves me $3,000 I will drink it!

Money Memoirs for Adult Orphans

Being a single adult orphan one needs to be very hard working and careful with their money. If anything happens you can't borrow money from parents. There have been times when I worked two jobs and one job wanted me to leave the other. I had to. But then they didn't give me extra hours to make up for it. I had just gotten my first apartment. I ended up living without electricity for half a year. It was either food or electricity. I would sneak into the dormitories to take hot showers. I would eat food that didn't need to be cooked. Mostly fast food. Sometimes food off the floor of the movie theater that I worked at.

How did I pay for college?
I'm not sure. I have a full paid scholarship. My mother signed some papers and I had to prove that I had no father and that she was dead after she died. Yes it was nice having it all paid for but it hurt waking up every morning knowing that I was there because of my dead mother and also knowing that one day I would graduate and she would not be there to see me. Moving in and out of the dorms was hard. Students had there parents help but I had to do it on my own. I remember the last time I moved out of the dorms and into my first apartment. Some dad asked me where my help was and I said "I don't know". I should have said "they are dead you jackass!". In order to get my scholarship I couldn't be adopted.

You gotta look out for yourself.
There have been times when I was about to move into my car. There are people out there who will fire you even if they know you are an orphan even if you work your ass off. There are people out there that won't believe you when your rent is late and you tell them you live alone and are orphaned and will have to pay them next week because a normal person would be able to borrow money from their parents. You gotta save up money incase or instances like this. Especially knowing how the economy is now it can be pretty scary for an orphan.

Mechanics will take advantage of you if you are female. Charging high prices. If I had a male figure by my side they would treat me better. Its a lame world.

17 Tips for Saving money

I have mentioned before. Its sucks to be an orphan with no money. Most normal kids in this economy borrow money from parents or move back in with their parents. Gosh how spoiled. Whatever. But we are better than they are. So here are some ways to save money.

1. unplug your tv, microwave or anything when you are not using it. This cut my power bill in half!

2. Fill your gas tank in the morning when it is cool out. Don't fill up in the afternoon. Gas expands when it is hot and you will get getting less gas for your money.

3. Gas is usually cheaper 3 days before the holidays.

4. In the winter I use a space heater its cheaper that using the built in heating unit. Beware of fire hazards though.

5. Shop at a grocery store with low prices. I shop at ALDIs. Its much cheaper than walmart. and less annoying people.

6. For the girls- don't use foundation. Using foundation clogs your pores anyways. Just keep an clean face and you should have a natural complexion and healthy skin.

7. Cut your dryer sheets in half. You don't need a whole sheet. Half will work and they will last twice as long.

8. Try putting some money in a savings account in a bank. It grows there ya know.

9. Don't have any credit cards. Maybe have one credit card for a very short while and pay it off to establish credit. If you don't have credit you will need a co-signer to get a car or house or even an apartment. Normally that co-signer would be your parents but we don't have those.

10. If you get a scholarship to go to college. (most orphans qualify) Try to get married. two people can save money better that being on your own. The only reason I wasn't adopted was so I could get my scholarship.

11. When picking your college major, make sure its something your enjoy, something that makes money, and something where you can meet a mate incase you don't get hitched in college. A nurse is a really good one. You get to work with hot firefighters and paramedics in the ER.

12. Don't be afraid to work two jobs. I had to in college. One job ended up wanting me to leave the other anyways. But this is just for a temporary time. Like going through college. Once you graduate from college you should be able to get the job your studied for and no second job....unless you just want some extra money.

13. Take a sack lunch to work. It saves gas instead of driving to a fast food restaurant and those places are too expensive. Don't even put it in a sack. I just put a small frozen pizza in my purse.

14. Get health insurance if your job has that sort of thing going on. It will take out a little bit of money each month and if certain emergencies happen it will cover it.

15. If looking for a job (girls) let your hair down. I was job hunting in college and my hair band broke so I couldn't put my hair up. I got hired at the next two places I tried.

16. Don't speed while driving. Its dangerous and you will save gas by driving the speed limit.

17. Buy a tracfone (See post below)

12 Safety Tips for Adult Orphans

Since you don't have a dad to look out for you girls, you gotta be careful. After work around 9pm I got out of my car and saw some guy in the lot I hadn't seen before. I walked to my apartment and walked up the stairs to my apartment. He had been following me and had caught up quite a bit. I heard him cuss under his breath as I went up the steps. Once I got in I felt terrible knowing I had no dad to call or come over. So here are some tips (for the girls mostly):

1. Always lock you car doors and apartment/house doors.

2. Always have a phone charged incase you need to call 911. I used a pre-pay Tracfone . The phone is cheap and I can pay as I use minutes. And of course I don't use many minutes since I have no folks.

3. Don't go out after dark.

4. Get a Pepper Spray Keychain . This way you have it when you are walking to and from your car. I got a yellow one so I can see it better in the dark. Note: Pepperspray is illegal is some states. I think California is one.

5. Always be alert and looking around you while walking to and from your car.

6. I was concerned about guys who stop by my apartment selling stuff thinking that I live alone and trying to break in etc. So I put some big sneakers outside my door to make them think I got a big boyfriend who lives with me. The next guy who came by to sell something asked about him. I just had to play along and lie.

7. Take the shoe laces out of the sneakers. Someone may take the laces and knock on your door and try to strangle you. Also make sure they aren't metal kleets. If someone where to use the sneakers as a weapon that could hurt.

8. if you have a peep hole in your door...USE IT!

9. Remember you don't have to answer the door.

10. I have black curtains covering my window so I can see out but no one can see in.

11. Having a dog can help. if someone unexpected knocks the dog will bark and scare the visitor.

12. Keep your cellphone nearby incase you need to call for help.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

7 Winter Tips for Orphans

The cold weather can take a toll on your car.

1. Get an oil change and all the other stuff they do to your car.

2. Make sure to get the air pressure in your tires checked. Your tires get kinda flat in cold weather because of the cold air. In the summer time the air expands and air will have to be let out.

3. Breathing cold air also constricts your blood vessels and one is more likely to have a heart attack in the winter. So stay warm!

4. Remember to drink some green tea every day to keep illness away.

5. Its gonna snow on Christmas Eve here. So I am gonna stock up on food.

6. keep your gas tank more than half full during the winter. Moisture may get into your tank and freeze and that would be bad.

7.When you start your car, let it run for a while and warm up the engine before you start driving. This makes the engine happy. Ten minutes for people in the south(Oklahoma), 20 minutes for people up north (Massachusetts).

I'll keep you guys posted if I think of anything more.

Update on the Christmas preparation:
I got a few movies that I am keeping to watch on Christmas. Institute Benjamenta by the Quay Brothers and Being John Malkovich by Spike Jonze. I covered the windows with some fleece blankets. The place stays warner longer now.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Boycott Warner Brothers

I was following an Orphan Organization on twitter and heard about a Facebook group boycotting the new Warner Brothers movie "Orphan". I know there are LOTS of movies that reference orphans. Happy Potter, Batman, Superman, Finding Nemo, and even Wedding Crashers to name a few. It can really ruin the movie if you are an orphan. But Warner Brothers was given an opportunity to make a difference...but they didn't. Adoption groups and parents are upset that this movie may keep people from wanting to adopt. I think the movie is completely unnecessary. It shouldn't be called Orphan because there are no orphans in the movie. The main character in the movie is named Esther and she is 9 years old and is adopted into a family but then tries to kill her new family. When someone is adopted they are no longer considered an orphan. Also keep in mind over 1,300 kids were orphaned from the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001. The average age of those kids is 9 years old. Over 3,000 kids lost at least one parent. These kids are about 17 now. I worked at a movie theater for two years and each Friday the teens in town would always hang out at the movie theater. Could you imagine being a teen orphan of 9/11 and going to the movie theater and seeing a poster that says "Orphan" on it? Those kids never got to say good bye. Every year they are reminded of what happened. Every morning they are reminded of their loss. And I am sure they have the worst nightmares from it. Have we forgotten about them? Don't we care? Who would produce or write such a sick movie? And it wasn't just parents who have complained about this movie. It was orphans also. Myself. Movies like this are desensitizing people. They think orphans don't exist and when they do meet one...they just laugh. they don't believe me. Is money all Warner Brothers really cares about? I would want to change the world if I were in their position. I would want to stand out and make a difference.

What should they have done?
Well first of all a movie like that should never have been made. Its very unoriginal idea and not very respectful of people who are orphaned. I think when an orphan is part of a story it is a sign of a crappy writer. Even if it were a true would have turned out differently.

Yes, the movie had already been made, so what should Warner have done? Why not have a sincere apology and read between the lines. Realize how this movie can be a disadvantage to orphans. I think it would be great if they had donated some of the money made from the movie to help orphans. I think all movies that have some tragedy should donate some of the money to help that cause. How could you make money off of a tragedy that you can't even relate to? sick.

Back when I worked at a movie theater there were some movies that came out about the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania on 9/11. Not very many people went to see it. Most people realized it is wrong to make money off of a tragedy. Then there was a movie about the Twin Towers collapsing. Some people did go to see that. But you know why? Because Nicholas Cage was in it. I think thats the only reason they went to see it. He could have been in any other movie and they would have went to see him. But no he had to make money off of a tragedy and look at him now. There are several articles all over the web about Nicolas Cage having some serious money problems. Do you see the karma?

Could you imaging being in a foster home wishing to be adopted and the movie "Orphan" come out? Each day, each year passes by and you hope one day you will be able to have a family. Each holiday passes by and then this movie comes out? It must be heartbreaking. Unfortunate people who just want to have a family.

So now I cannot watch any movie that has anything to do with Warner Brothers. I end up thinking of the orphans of 9/11 and it breaks my heart. People of my own kind and still so young. I hope they grow up and change the world.

If you want to support a movie with a GREAT cause check out The One Second Film. Its a film that will be donating all of the proceeds to charity. Now that is awesome. You can find more info at
You can donate money to help produce the film. I already have.

Links to the Warner Brothers issue etc:
Warner Bros. "Messed Up" Orphan Ads?

Adoptive Parents Say 'Orphan' Exploits Fears

Adoption Groups Urge To Boycott Warner Bros' "Orphan"

Facebook: Orphans Deserve Better

Facebook: I am Boycotting Warner Bros.' "Orphan" Movie

Sign petition

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Orphans on New Year's

I'm writing this as an update on the Christmas thing also. I'm still not very prepared for Christmas. I've gotten lots of offers to spend Christmas with other families but I just don't want to. I hope to go to the store next weekend and get some art supplies. Just like I used to in college. At the beginning of the semester we would get a balance of $500 and be able to get lots of art supplies and books for class. New brushes, sketch books, paint and canvas. I hope next year will be much better when my friend Rachel from college is living with me and her hubby too. I ordered a few movies but I don't think any will arrive before Christmas. Oh well. I will need to get some groceries the day before or actually two days before. Last year I dyed my hair black on Christmas eve. I won't this year. I am letting my white hairs grow out. Yes black and white is my natural hair color. I started getting grey hair when I was 21.

Plan for New Year's

But we need to plan for New Year's. What would be a good New Year's resolution for an orphan? My last New Year's resolution was to listen to myself more. I never listen to myself and end up making bad decisions. I don't really know what mine will be. One way to find out what a good New Year's resolution would be is to look back at the past year and think what mistakes or regrets did you have/make? I regret not saving up more money. I guess that will be my new years resolution. Put more money in savings.

On New Year's eve I will probably eat some munchies and watch a movie. Go to bed early and when I wake up...make some artwork.

The Emergency Stash

One idea that I came up with about a year ago was an emergency stash of movies and books incase I get lonely. These are to prevent me from getting too depressed. I think you guys know what I mean. So here is what I got this year. I will tell you so maybe you can brainstorm what you want to have in your emergency stash.
Some books I got are an unread Hannibal Rising, an unread Dracula, Andy Warhol biographies, Don't Try This at Home a Dave Navarro autobiography, half-read Dark Romance: Sexuality in the Horror Film, half-read Vampire encyclopedia, half-read The Vampire Collection, unread Interview With The vampire, and a read Feng Shui Book. Yes, I love Vampires. Some movies I got are some old Bela Lugosi movies, Christopher Lee movies, Various vampire movies, Wedding Crashers, Beetlejuice, Totoro, Three KIngs, Charade, The Spy Who Shagged Me and an old classic Santa movie. Just a side note. I strongly recommend boycotting any movies having anything to do with Warner Brothers. I will be writing a post on it soon but they recently made a movie called Orphan and some adoption organizations complained and Warner didn't give a damn. If I ever do buy a Warner Brothers movie I buy it used for one cent off of

Keep in mind I don't have cable so I couldn't watch the ball drop even if I wanted to. I don't really mind. It saves me money. And the radio is always on for free so I can listen to that. And there won't be anymore Christmas songs on so that should be nice. In the way of music I like a lot of stuff. If I were to buy a cd now I would get some Fat Boy Slim.

So there I hope I gave you guys some ideas of what you might like and keep your mind at ease. Keep in mind to not buy too much or over load on distractions. But do what is necessary to stay safe. I also may go visit a bookstore on New Year's Day. Look at some art magazines.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Just Orphaned

For the Newly orphaned
I have found that there are several adults that have recently been orphaned. Others have seniority and have been orphans since a young age like myself. When my one year orphan anniversary came along I was still too young to take it too hard. But now I look forward to the anniversary of my mothers death. It seems like she is closer at that time. I think she is more likely to visit at that time. Everyone had a different relationship with their parents so I can't say exactly how things will be. I don't know if things will get harder emotionally for you or easier. Personally it has gotten much harder for me. But I also think it is because of certain circumstances. Like in college it didn't hurt that much because normally my parents wouldn't have been around anyways. But now things hurt because I am out of college and more alone. When I get really sad I try to think of what may have triggered the pain. Usually I find that something subconsciously reminded me of my mom and then I became sad or irritable. Like if I heard a song that reminded me of her or maybe I ate a kind of food she used to eat all the time. Things like that. I ask "why am I all upset all of a sudden?" and then I realize its because of this or that. And it helps me understand what I am going through and why. Sometimes I will listen to an old song that she used to listen to on purpose and cry. I recommend doing this only on a day off to eliminate the risk of becoming irritable or depressed at work.

We need to come together
I think orphans need to connect at least nation-wide and help each other. Become one large family that will help all of us cope with the pain and also know that we are not alone. There are so many times when I just want to pick up the phone and call mom. Ask her a question about money or taxes, call up dad and ask about boys or how to fix a car problem. There have been times when I wanted to find a website that would act as a mother to me and give me advice and make life easier. I hope this website will be able to do that for other orphans like myself. It is terrible when I am dating a guy and I tell him I am an orphan and he laughs. Perhaps he laughs out of disbelief or maybe he just doesn't know how to react. Some people Don't know how to handle meeting a real orphan. I have always wanted to find more of my own kind. Others who wouldn't freak out when they found out that my parents are gone. I wanted to find others who knew that pain I have felt and then I knew it wasn't just me and to know that I was grieving normally. The normal people have told me to just get over it. It isn't that easy. It changes every part of your life.
And when you are orphaned at such a young age it changes how you see the world and so much more. When I find others of my own kind I feel so inspired. Like a role model for me. Ray Charles was orphaned at age 15. Dave Navarro lost his mother age age 15. Martin Short, youngest of 5, was orphaned by the age of 18. Madonna lost her mother when she was only 5 years old. Keanu Reeves lost a very good friend, a daughter, and an-ex girlfriend. And there are many more. Over 1,300 kids were orphaned by 9/11. And they never got to say good-bye. my heart goes out to them. I want to help my own kind. Over 40 million orphans in Africa because of AIDS. I care about them all and they all inspire me. They way they cope with the pain. They way they still accomplished great things. Life shouldn't be so hard for us. If humans were what they were meant to would be easier. If people had understanding and compassion then it wouldn't be so bad. I remember when I was 13 and found out my mom had cancer. I thought life would be easy. I thought people would help me. I thought guys who dated me would understand and stay with me. But no. This is a terrible world. Every morning I wake up and I wonder why it had to happen this way. When ever I think about leaving this world I think "No, I must stay and change it. I need to help the others". Everyday people die. Everyday kids are put into foster homes. Everyday I wonder how can I change the world and make it better. The death of our parents has made us better people. Stronger and more compassionate. More understanding of others and their tragedies. Lets all come together.

The pain
Treat your pain like medicine. If the medicine tastes too bad and it is too strong then water it down. If the pain you feel seems overwhelming then try watching a movie that makes you laugh or read a book or work on some art. You don't have to watch movies all the time but you don't have to deal with the paint all the time. Do things that you enjoy to make life a tad easier. I always look for things that inspire me and make me laugh. Moderation in everything. Moderation in grief first of all. Then moderation in movies, books, and hobbies. We don't want you overwhelmed with grief but we also want you to cope with the pain in a healthy way. Not by drinking, drugs, food or constant distractions. But with moderate healthy activities that will keep your mind at ease. Hobbies are important. Try writing a book, paint a picture, build a table, make a movie, take some pictures at the zoo, watch your fav tv show, rent a movie, plant a garden, cut/dye your hair. These are things that are fun and somewhat productive. I think all orphans need to join Netflix. Keep in mind don't over spend when trying to cope with grief. Don't go on shopping sprees or eat a lot. The last thing you need is to be broke when you are an orphan. Instead I find ways of saving money. Like unplugging the tv and microwave when I don't use them. It saves me a lot of money. I actually don't have cable so I save money that way. I just buy movies. I also went through a time when I was into the Zen simplicity thing and donated a bunch of un-needed stuff to goodwill. My microwave stopped working and I donated that to a recycling center and just use the stove now. As long as you are alive your will be reminded of those you love and have won't just all of a sudden forget them. But remember to enjoy life. I find the holidays are sadness triggers to watch out for. Maybe you can leave a comment on what you do as a hobby and others can get some ideas.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Post your link

I hope for this to be the worlds largest database for orphan resources. Post any links to anything related to orphan resources or helping orphans in the comments.

Adult Orphans

Cancer survivors network

Adult Orphans: When Parents die

The peculiar grief of the adult orphan

Twin Towers Orphan Fund

Coping with Loss

Adult Orphan: Coping Techniques for the Adult Orphan

I will add more to this as I find more.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Surviving the Holidays

The holidays are the hardest time of the year for an orphan. It feels like you don't fit in. You’re reminded of the past.

I hope to add more to this subject soon.

I decided to start this page and type of posts because I messed up this year and am completely unprepared. You would think that after being an orphan for ten years I would know better.

Don't assume it will be easy.
You would think the holidays would be easy for an orphan. Don't have to buy any presents and just sit at home and relax. But no. You get very lonely. I suggest one needs to start getting prepared around Halloween.

Find a friend to hang out with for the holidays.
On Thanksgiving I was lonely and I realized I needed to find a friend to hang out with for Xmas but its too late. Families are busy shopping and there is no where to go to meet people. So I must stay in and resort to making artwork. Its too late to order any movies online. It will take weeks for them to ship because the holidays slow down the mail.

Plan to do something on the holidays.
I still have some movies I stocked up on last year and some books. I can text some friends long distance. And stock up on art supplies for Christmas. One year I dyed all my clothes black in Christmas eve. It didn't work to well.

-Find friends BEFORE Thanksgiving
-stock up on movies
-stock up on books
-get some music
-plan to do something to take your mind off things.

I hope this all helps. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays my fellow orphans.
I will have more topics in the future.