Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Boycott Warner Brothers

I was following an Orphan Organization on twitter and heard about a Facebook group boycotting the new Warner Brothers movie "Orphan". I know there are LOTS of movies that reference orphans. Happy Potter, Batman, Superman, Finding Nemo, and even Wedding Crashers to name a few. It can really ruin the movie if you are an orphan. But Warner Brothers was given an opportunity to make a difference...but they didn't. Adoption groups and parents are upset that this movie may keep people from wanting to adopt. I think the movie is completely unnecessary. It shouldn't be called Orphan because there are no orphans in the movie. The main character in the movie is named Esther and she is 9 years old and is adopted into a family but then tries to kill her new family. When someone is adopted they are no longer considered an orphan. Also keep in mind over 1,300 kids were orphaned from the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001. The average age of those kids is 9 years old. Over 3,000 kids lost at least one parent. These kids are about 17 now. I worked at a movie theater for two years and each Friday the teens in town would always hang out at the movie theater. Could you imagine being a teen orphan of 9/11 and going to the movie theater and seeing a poster that says "Orphan" on it? Those kids never got to say good bye. Every year they are reminded of what happened. Every morning they are reminded of their loss. And I am sure they have the worst nightmares from it. Have we forgotten about them? Don't we care? Who would produce or write such a sick movie? And it wasn't just parents who have complained about this movie. It was orphans also. Myself. Movies like this are desensitizing people. They think orphans don't exist and when they do meet one...they just laugh. they don't believe me. Is money all Warner Brothers really cares about? I would want to change the world if I were in their position. I would want to stand out and make a difference.

What should they have done?
Well first of all a movie like that should never have been made. Its very unoriginal idea and not very respectful of people who are orphaned. I think when an orphan is part of a story it is a sign of a crappy writer. Even if it were a true story...it would have turned out differently.

Yes, the movie had already been made, so what should Warner have done? Why not have a sincere apology and read between the lines. Realize how this movie can be a disadvantage to orphans. I think it would be great if they had donated some of the money made from the movie to help orphans. I think all movies that have some tragedy should donate some of the money to help that cause. How could you make money off of a tragedy that you can't even relate to? sick.

Back when I worked at a movie theater there were some movies that came out about the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania on 9/11. Not very many people went to see it. Most people realized it is wrong to make money off of a tragedy. Then there was a movie about the Twin Towers collapsing. Some people did go to see that. But you know why? Because Nicholas Cage was in it. I think thats the only reason they went to see it. He could have been in any other movie and they would have went to see him. But no he had to make money off of a tragedy and look at him now. There are several articles all over the web about Nicolas Cage having some serious money problems. Do you see the karma?

Could you imaging being in a foster home wishing to be adopted and the movie "Orphan" come out? Each day, each year passes by and you hope one day you will be able to have a family. Each holiday passes by and then this movie comes out? It must be heartbreaking. Unfortunate people who just want to have a family.

So now I cannot watch any movie that has anything to do with Warner Brothers. I end up thinking of the orphans of 9/11 and it breaks my heart. People of my own kind and still so young. I hope they grow up and change the world.

If you want to support a movie with a GREAT cause check out The One Second Film. Its a film that will be donating all of the proceeds to charity. Now that is awesome. You can find more info at www.1secondfilm.com.
You can donate money to help produce the film. I already have.

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