Sunday, December 27, 2009

50 Ways to Save Money to the Extreme

Want to get ahead in the economy and in life? Here are 50 drastic ways to cut on everyday costs. I should change all the numbers to little boxes so you can check ' em off. Make sure to pass this list on to all of your friends.

1. Cut your dryer sheets in half. Only use one half at a time.

2. Drive the speed limit. Everyone speeds but if we drove a little slower we would avoid traffic tickets and save gas.

3. Unplug your tv, microwave etc. when not in use. This cut my electricity bill in half. I also lost some weight plugging things back in when I needed them.

4. Bring a lunch to work. I used to go to a nearby restaurant everyday but now I just bring something cheaper to heat up in the microwave. This not only saves money spend on fast food but on the gas it would take to go to and from the restaurant.

5. Fill your gas tank when its cold. In the winter time this is easy. In the summer time make sure to fill up your gas tank in the morning. As the day goes by the temperature gets hotter and gas expands causing you get get less gas for your money if you choose to fill up in the afternoon.

6. Keep your gas tank at least half full in the winter time. Condensation may collect in your gas tank and cause engine problems. Keeping your tank more than half full will prevent this.

7. Buy those energy saving light bulbs. they look more like coils than bulbs. They last longer and save energy. This should reduce your electricity bill.

8. Lose the landline phone and just use your own personal cell phone.

9. Eat healthier. This will build up your immune system keeping you from getting sick and preventing hospital bills.

10. Cut your own hair. Get some clippers from the store. They come with attachments where you can buzz off your hair leaving about an inch long all around.

11. Add a little bit of water to your milk when having cereal. You will barely notice. Your milk will last longer. I've tried just using water when I run out of milk and it just looks gross and isn't as cold.

12. Water down your shampoo. Make sure to shake it up. Its going to be kinda runny.

13. If its yellow let it mellow, if its brown flush it down. This will help the water bill. I don't recommend it if you have any ladies in the house.

14. A full freezer uses less power to stay cold.

15. Get rid of those credit cards. They only create debt.

16. Use Forever stamps. These stamps can be used at any time. Even if the cost of postage goes up. So you don't have to buy one cent stamps to keep up with the cost of postage.

17. Pay bills online. then you save envelopes and stamps. Sometimes you can get a discount for paying bills online.

18. Some car insurance companies will give you a discount if your car insurance is automatically withdrawn from your bank account each month.

19. Check with your electricity company to see if you can sign up to pay the average amount that you use each month. It will be kinda high in the summer but it will help you in the winter.

20. Sit down each pay day and plan out your expenses. If you have any extra money, put it in a savings account. It is always good to have some money set aside just incase you lose your job or there is some type of an emergency.

21. Also keep in mind that when you put money in a savings account you earn interest. Its like getting paid to save money.

22. Stay in on your days off. Relax and plan your budget. This will save gas and unnecessary expenses.

23. Have your girlfriend cook for you at home instead of going out to a restaurant. She needs to get ready for the married life.

24. Join Netflix instead of buying or renting movies. Netflix saves gas and late fees.

25. Borrow books from the library rather than buying new from the local store. Library cards are free and you might meet a girl that can actually read.

26. Buy online. The cost of having something shipped to you is cheaper than you driving to the store to get it. You can also get it cheaper online. YOu just have to wait a little longer to get it.

27. Instead of going to the strip club, have your girlfriend/wife strip for you. That way you don't have to tip her.

28. Save unwanted Holiday gifts you got this year and re-give them to other people next year.

29. Give the toilet paper core to your dog. They love chewing on them. And its cheap too. You just saved $5 on a dog toy that would have only lasted a week anyways.

30. Finding professional clothes for work at a thrift store can be difficult but they do have a lot of ties to choose from at really good prices. Maybe even some belts too.

31. If you take your girl out to the movies, take her before 7pm. The ticket prices will be cheaper and the sun may be setting when the movie is over. Oh, how romantic.

32. Buy less cable channels and go over to your friends house to watch tv. Eat his food while your at it.

33. Text your friends instead of calling them. Texting is cheaper for me. Not for everyone though.

34. Wash your dishes by hand. This will save water and electricity.

35. When washing clothes use the warm setting and not hot. This will save electricity.

36. Use coupons. If a chick sees you using coupons she may be impressed and follow you home.

37. Stop buying soda and drink tap water.

38. Grow your own veggies. Free water and veggies. Its like you're a freaking hippie.

39. Get rid of your internet and take your laptop to places that have free wifi like Taco Bell, Barnes & Noble, Panera and McDonalds.

40. Buy a winter coat in the spring when they are on sale.

41. Buy summer clothes in the fall when they are on sale.

42. Don't have kids until the economy gets better.

43. Don't get married until the economy gets better.

44. Stop dating. Spend your hard earned money on your savings account and not on her.

45. Don't renew those magazine subscriptions. You can view free magazines online. There are a few exceptions to this rule if you know what I mean.

46. Do your laundry at your friends house.

47. Drive less and get an oil change less often. If I got an oil change every 3,000 miles like they say I'm supposed to I would be getting an oil change once a year. So I have to settle for every 3-4 months.

48. Pay bills with your debt card. Remember the thing I mentioned earlier that takes money that you actually have out of your bank account? Use that and save money by not using checks.

49. If you do plan on getting married, try to talk her into eloping rather than having a big wedding. Just take a nice romantic trip instead. Or post-pone the wedding until the economy gets better.

50. Get a prenuptial agreement just incase things don't work out. Its like divorce insurance.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about this article. This is pretty poor advice, it sounds like wait to do anything and live in fear. Wait until the economy improves to get married and have kids?! What if it never improved? What if your fiance' leaves you because you are waiting on something that may never happen? No, I don't think whoever wrote this is qualified to give this kind of advice. I wouldn't follow it because it is unsound. I think better advice is to trust yourself and your higher power and make small healthy choices that add up over time, like exercising, being good to others, and eating your fruits and veggies. With relationships, counseling may be a good start. Support groups and friends can help.

Chelsea said...

Duh this blog is for orphans. We have to take drastic measures to survive. Sorry that your life is so perfect that you think this is over the top. Die please!