Thursday, December 17, 2009

17 Tips for Saving money

I have mentioned before. Its sucks to be an orphan with no money. Most normal kids in this economy borrow money from parents or move back in with their parents. Gosh how spoiled. Whatever. But we are better than they are. So here are some ways to save money.

1. unplug your tv, microwave or anything when you are not using it. This cut my power bill in half!

2. Fill your gas tank in the morning when it is cool out. Don't fill up in the afternoon. Gas expands when it is hot and you will get getting less gas for your money.

3. Gas is usually cheaper 3 days before the holidays.

4. In the winter I use a space heater its cheaper that using the built in heating unit. Beware of fire hazards though.

5. Shop at a grocery store with low prices. I shop at ALDIs. Its much cheaper than walmart. and less annoying people.

6. For the girls- don't use foundation. Using foundation clogs your pores anyways. Just keep an clean face and you should have a natural complexion and healthy skin.

7. Cut your dryer sheets in half. You don't need a whole sheet. Half will work and they will last twice as long.

8. Try putting some money in a savings account in a bank. It grows there ya know.

9. Don't have any credit cards. Maybe have one credit card for a very short while and pay it off to establish credit. If you don't have credit you will need a co-signer to get a car or house or even an apartment. Normally that co-signer would be your parents but we don't have those.

10. If you get a scholarship to go to college. (most orphans qualify) Try to get married. two people can save money better that being on your own. The only reason I wasn't adopted was so I could get my scholarship.

11. When picking your college major, make sure its something your enjoy, something that makes money, and something where you can meet a mate incase you don't get hitched in college. A nurse is a really good one. You get to work with hot firefighters and paramedics in the ER.

12. Don't be afraid to work two jobs. I had to in college. One job ended up wanting me to leave the other anyways. But this is just for a temporary time. Like going through college. Once you graduate from college you should be able to get the job your studied for and no second job....unless you just want some extra money.

13. Take a sack lunch to work. It saves gas instead of driving to a fast food restaurant and those places are too expensive. Don't even put it in a sack. I just put a small frozen pizza in my purse.

14. Get health insurance if your job has that sort of thing going on. It will take out a little bit of money each month and if certain emergencies happen it will cover it.

15. If looking for a job (girls) let your hair down. I was job hunting in college and my hair band broke so I couldn't put my hair up. I got hired at the next two places I tried.

16. Don't speed while driving. Its dangerous and you will save gas by driving the speed limit.

17. Buy a tracfone (See post below)

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