Sunday, December 13, 2009

Orphans on New Year's

I'm writing this as an update on the Christmas thing also. I'm still not very prepared for Christmas. I've gotten lots of offers to spend Christmas with other families but I just don't want to. I hope to go to the store next weekend and get some art supplies. Just like I used to in college. At the beginning of the semester we would get a balance of $500 and be able to get lots of art supplies and books for class. New brushes, sketch books, paint and canvas. I hope next year will be much better when my friend Rachel from college is living with me and her hubby too. I ordered a few movies but I don't think any will arrive before Christmas. Oh well. I will need to get some groceries the day before or actually two days before. Last year I dyed my hair black on Christmas eve. I won't this year. I am letting my white hairs grow out. Yes black and white is my natural hair color. I started getting grey hair when I was 21.

Plan for New Year's

But we need to plan for New Year's. What would be a good New Year's resolution for an orphan? My last New Year's resolution was to listen to myself more. I never listen to myself and end up making bad decisions. I don't really know what mine will be. One way to find out what a good New Year's resolution would be is to look back at the past year and think what mistakes or regrets did you have/make? I regret not saving up more money. I guess that will be my new years resolution. Put more money in savings.

On New Year's eve I will probably eat some munchies and watch a movie. Go to bed early and when I wake up...make some artwork.

The Emergency Stash

One idea that I came up with about a year ago was an emergency stash of movies and books incase I get lonely. These are to prevent me from getting too depressed. I think you guys know what I mean. So here is what I got this year. I will tell you so maybe you can brainstorm what you want to have in your emergency stash.
Some books I got are an unread Hannibal Rising, an unread Dracula, Andy Warhol biographies, Don't Try This at Home a Dave Navarro autobiography, half-read Dark Romance: Sexuality in the Horror Film, half-read Vampire encyclopedia, half-read The Vampire Collection, unread Interview With The vampire, and a read Feng Shui Book. Yes, I love Vampires. Some movies I got are some old Bela Lugosi movies, Christopher Lee movies, Various vampire movies, Wedding Crashers, Beetlejuice, Totoro, Three KIngs, Charade, The Spy Who Shagged Me and an old classic Santa movie. Just a side note. I strongly recommend boycotting any movies having anything to do with Warner Brothers. I will be writing a post on it soon but they recently made a movie called Orphan and some adoption organizations complained and Warner didn't give a damn. If I ever do buy a Warner Brothers movie I buy it used for one cent off of

Keep in mind I don't have cable so I couldn't watch the ball drop even if I wanted to. I don't really mind. It saves me money. And the radio is always on for free so I can listen to that. And there won't be anymore Christmas songs on so that should be nice. In the way of music I like a lot of stuff. If I were to buy a cd now I would get some Fat Boy Slim.

So there I hope I gave you guys some ideas of what you might like and keep your mind at ease. Keep in mind to not buy too much or over load on distractions. But do what is necessary to stay safe. I also may go visit a bookstore on New Year's Day. Look at some art magazines.