Thursday, December 17, 2009

12 Safety Tips for Adult Orphans

Since you don't have a dad to look out for you girls, you gotta be careful. After work around 9pm I got out of my car and saw some guy in the lot I hadn't seen before. I walked to my apartment and walked up the stairs to my apartment. He had been following me and had caught up quite a bit. I heard him cuss under his breath as I went up the steps. Once I got in I felt terrible knowing I had no dad to call or come over. So here are some tips (for the girls mostly):

1. Always lock you car doors and apartment/house doors.

2. Always have a phone charged incase you need to call 911. I used a pre-pay Tracfone . The phone is cheap and I can pay as I use minutes. And of course I don't use many minutes since I have no folks.

3. Don't go out after dark.

4. Get a Pepper Spray Keychain . This way you have it when you are walking to and from your car. I got a yellow one so I can see it better in the dark. Note: Pepperspray is illegal is some states. I think California is one.

5. Always be alert and looking around you while walking to and from your car.

6. I was concerned about guys who stop by my apartment selling stuff thinking that I live alone and trying to break in etc. So I put some big sneakers outside my door to make them think I got a big boyfriend who lives with me. The next guy who came by to sell something asked about him. I just had to play along and lie.

7. Take the shoe laces out of the sneakers. Someone may take the laces and knock on your door and try to strangle you. Also make sure they aren't metal kleets. If someone where to use the sneakers as a weapon that could hurt.

8. if you have a peep hole in your door...USE IT!

9. Remember you don't have to answer the door.

10. I have black curtains covering my window so I can see out but no one can see in.

11. Having a dog can help. if someone unexpected knocks the dog will bark and scare the visitor.

12. Keep your cellphone nearby incase you need to call for help.

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