Sunday, December 27, 2009

How to find a new job

In this recession is can be very hard to find a job after being laid off. There is no guarantee but here are some personal tips from my past that I will pass on to you on how to get hired.

1. If you are a female let your hair down. Literally don't put your hair up in a ponytail. Let it down. I was job hunting and I had tried about 10 places and in the car my hair band broke so I had to have my hair down. The next two places I went hired me on the spot.

2. Don't give up. It doesn't cost much to keep filling out applications and keep looking. Everyday apply to various places.

3. Look on Craigslist, and Look for various websites that may post help wanted ads. And apply to all that you qualify for. Send a resume if they request it. Make sure to give them contact info so they can call you for an interview.

4. Try Googling "help wanted" and terms like that.

5. Ask friends if they know of anyone who is hiring.

6. If you are a college graduate make sure you have a copy of your diploma. They may ask for it. Make sure to have a portfolio of your work if your profession requires it. (marketing, commercial arts, photography etc.)

7. Cover up any tattoos and piercing. This should be obvious but some people just don't get it.

8. If you are a guy with long hair, try getting a haircut. You can always grow it back later. This includes mullets. Its so strange how someone would rather starve and end up homeless than get a haircut.

9. Make sure you hair is a normal color. Yes, I envy those nurses with the purple hair and their job security. Those are the benefits of a college degree but in a recession like this I wouldn't take the risk. Just dye your hair purple when you retire a millionaire after you work for your new job for 20 years that you got because you dyed your hair a normal color.

10. Again, don't give up. There are people out there who take their jobs for granted who get fired everyday. If you keep searching you will find a job that wants a hard worker like you. Now stop reading this and go look for a job.

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