Sunday, December 27, 2009

How to have a decent New Year's Eve

Sometimes I go to bed early because I just don't want to think about it. Some of you may want to do something on New Year's Eve perhaps due to loneliness. There are some ideas I got for you.

1. You can go out to a party. Maybe a friend is having a party that you can go to.

2. Stay home and watch the ball drop. Make sure to order pizza early.

3. Stay off the roads. Be ware of those drunks out there. You need to stay safe.

4. Plan for next year. You want this next year to be better, right? Think of not just one resolution but several. If you could go back and redo this past year what things would you have changed? Try and use that information to make this next year better.

5. Clean the house. Try to get some cleaning done before the next year. Think of all the dumb people that are gonna be out partying and you will have a clean kitchen.

6. You can watch a movie. Write something, read something.

7. Make goals for this next year. You may want to get out of debt or save up some extra money. Maybe try to get a new job or start a new hobby.

8. Start a blog and see if you can keep it updated for a year. Remember to NOT put any personal info on there like where you live.

9. Relax. Stay at home and save money. Pop some popcorn. Start reading a new book. Why are people celebrating at midnight? Are they happy that crappy year is over? Or are they excited for next year? Either way I'm sure you feel that same way. This isn't quite like other holidays where it a family thing. This is a time thing. We all want a new start. No need to feel left out.

10. Try and prepare for the next holiday. The dreaded Valentine's Day. I always used to go to an art show on VDay.

Again we always seem to think that the holidays are easy but then when we are alone we realize how unprepared we are and then you usually get online and come across a page like this. Thats not a bad thing but I still want to help you. Also remember to stock up on food. You never know when there may be a snow storm and you may be snowed in for a few days. Most people can get a relative to bring over some food or they live with their folks and they have it all in the house, the food, the movies, the cable. We gotta be prepared. A emotional break down over the holidays is completely unnecessary.

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