Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tips for an Adult Orphans Home

It sucks when there's so much you should have learned from your mom but had to learn it the hard way.

The kitchen
Drip pans are the metal pans under the coils of your stove top. Some slide out so you can clean them. Some are a pain in the ass and you have to unplug them or something. When moving into an sure to check to see what kind of drip pans you have. Turns out two of mind pull out and two don't. And I have been using the two that don't. darn. Where's ma when you need her. I also put cereal boxes in the fridge so bugs don't get into them.

Avoid getting sick.
Being an orphan can be sad most of the time and cause one to become more likely to get sick. One winter I got a stomach virus and my aunt wouldn't come over to help. I ended up having to go to the hospital and getting an IV and also a $3,000 hospital bill which I couldn't pay very fast and so I got a letter saying it was going to collections. Thats when I cry and wish my mom were here. I called my aunt again and she said they can set up a payment plan. So I paid a couple hundred each month. Anyways I have found one way to boost your immune system is green tea. It helps you stay healthy, helps your teeth, and I kinda lost some weight when I first started drinking a cup of it a day. They have flavored Green tea. Celestial Seasonings Blueberry Breeze Green Tea and grapefruit green tea. And the Arizona Green tea you can get already made in a jug at the store. If you use tea bags and hot water make sure to add some honey or it will taste yucky. I used to hate tea but if it saves me $3,000 I will drink it!

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