Saturday, May 6, 2017

No more Orphan Handbook on Facebook

Even though I have posted that I was sexually abused as a child I still keep getting crazy stalker idiots who "need to talk to me" posting on my Facebook page. This is very traumatic for me. Men need to learn to leave women the fuck alone. So sadly I will be deleting the Facebook page.

For all of you who really do need this blog....I really do wish you the best. Do what you want in life, don't let anyone fuck you over and follow what makes you happy. I may or may not update this blog and comments are more restricted. If you really "need to talk to me" then get a therapist or a counselor. Others have commented saying their story. But there is no need to have any private messages, I can see through your bullshit.

Im friends with tons of gay guys and they would be more than welcome to harass you right back.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Job advice for Orphans

Just remember we don't have it as easy as others do. We gotta prepare and be ready to kick some ass. This is the second time Ive lost my job in NYC in two years. Each time its in the winter. I guess business gets slow and they cut people. Now I know to prepare for next winter. So I am writing this so you guys can prepare. If you have any other ideas feel free to comment below.

1. Save up - You can lose your job at anytime. And you can't move with family cus they are gone. So save up your money and always have a plan B.

2. Have a plan B- If you lose your job...have other means of income. Other small jobs you can do. Selling vintage clothes in your closet. Use what skills you are good at to make money. Don't just do this in am emergency but cultivate it all your life and make a career out of it. So when some stupid corporation fires are invincible.

3. Have several Resumes - There have been times when I actually had to remove my college education from my resume to get a job. Its called being over qualified and it makes people think you are crazy that you would want to change your field or get a job just to earn money while working on your career from home. You can do whatever you want. Many people change their field. Psychology graduates become DJs and Architect graduates become fashion designers (Ex: Tom Ford).

4. Be gender neutral on your resume - I may have mentioned this before. But i have had to change my name on my resume to a more masculine variation of my name on my resume to get call backs. This is the world we live in. Like using Sam instead of Samantha in order to get a job dishwashing.

5. Good luck with reporting sexual harassment - The first time you report it to your employer they will do something about it. Any more times after are screwed. I just got let go after reporting a coworker who kept following me to the bathroom. Crazy.

6. If you do lost your job...file for unemployment - Its not like we can move back in with our parents. So go a head and file. I once tried to do this before and it was denied by my former employer. Luckily I found a job before moving into my car.

7. Work for the government - You will be more likely be hired if you are female and they will take sexual harassment complaints a lot more seriously. I once worked for campus police writing parking was the best job I ever had.