Thursday, March 18, 2010

16 Tips to make it easier to move to New York

I'm still working on packing up and getting ready to move to NY. Each weekend I have a few boxes and bags to donate to Goodwill. Not today though since I am sick. I wanted to write down some of the things I have done or plan to do to make my move easier to NY.

1. Make it minimal. I plan on moving by plane with one suitcase and a carry-on. I also have plans in case I lose my suitcase. Taking just one suitcase will save expenses and make the move much easier. From what I have heard NY doesn't have a lot of apartment space anyways.

2. Minimizing. Donate most of your clothes. I am only taking some of my favorites along with some for job hunting. If I lose my suitcase I can just go to Goodwill and get some new clothes real fast.

3. No clock. If you have a cell phone you can use it as an alarm clock. I read this and I think its a great idea. My cell takes up so little space and I can customize the alarm tone. Even if I run out of minutes I can still use it as an alarm clock. sweet. *throws real alarm clock in Goodwill box*

4. No cd player. If you have an ipod keep that and get rid of the old school cd player. Or if you have a laptop you can play your cds and dvds on it. So that laptop takes the place of my cd player and my dvd player and tv. And if I have internet it also can be my radio and cable tv. Laptops also play mp3s so it could take the place of your mp3 player/ipod. WEEE!

5. Laptop tips. Macs are almost invincible. They cost more since they are invincible. I got mine refurbished for $700. Now the same laptop is $300. And mine has lasted 2 years now. Remember when you are going through security take your laptop out of your carry-on and put it next to your carry-on when it goes through the x-ray.

6. Job resume and portfolio. I am also taking along these items. But if my luggage gets lots I will also have the original files on my laptop and can have Fedex Kinkos make some copies and prints for me within 24 hours and have them delivered to me.

7. Sell your clothes. Make sure to sell them in season. If its March try taking a bag of summer clothes to your local resale shop. I got $6. But I wanted to get a suitcase they had so I got a $15 discount. Any clothes that are not sold donate to Goodwill.
Make sure to get a receipt for your donations so you can owe less on your taxes.

8. Personalize your suitcase. My suitcase is just plan and boring now. Try adding a bright colored tag or keychain so it will easily be spotted when you go to claim your luggage.

9. Carry-on importance. All irreplaceable items are to be in your carry-on. Like tax papers, family photos, laptop, medicine, etc. All things in my suitcase can be replaced. All clothes can be re-bought for the most part. All portfolio files can be reprinted. All books can be replaced.

10. Map. Keep a map of NY in your carry-on. Unless you know the place really well.

11. Stay with friends. They say its a good idea to stay with friends in NY until you find a job and apartment. Its also good to have some roomates to split the rent. I got two.

12. ID tags. Keep some type of contact info inside your suitcase incase it gets lost. Like a phone number or mailing address. It sucks to lose luggage and it does happen.

13. NY bank account. Make sure to have a bank account with a bank that is actually in NY.

14. Flying pets. Most airlines will not fly pets in the summer. The summer is also the most busy time to fly or move.

15. Saying good-bye to personal items. There are several things I may not be able to take with me. Like a blanket my mom made for me before she died. And some stuffed animals she bought me when I was a kid and an old photo album that no longer is sticky enough to hold photos. These things serve no purpose. They are just proof that she was once here. I'm pretty sure I am gonna take part of the blanket that she made from granny squares and make a scarf out of it. And wear that on the trip. The rest of it can be donated and help some one stay warm. And the photo album. I just need to stay good bye to. And the stuffed animals. I screamed from across the mall for mom to buy me one of em. I feel mom my get mad at me for getting rid of it. And the other stuffed animal she got me used to say "I love you" when you squeezed it. Now it doesn't. Which is sad. I keep squeezing it and hoping that I can hear it just one more time. Also a hand made stocking that Grammy made that has my name on it. I will never use it since I never get presents and no one else can really use it since it has my name on it. An army bag dyed black from when my sister used to hang out with me. Now she never talks to me. A hand painted cat she bought for me. Reminds me of how cool she used to be and how I used to look up to her. She tried to kill herself when I was 13. Now she is a Christian and never talks to me.

16. Save up. Its always nice to have some money saved up before the move. I know sometimes you just want to go now. Unless you are moving in with relatives I suggest that you have a couple thousand saved up....maybe more.

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