Saturday, March 20, 2010

Minimalism on Holidays

The holidays can be so complicated and expensive. I was just thinking of how a minimalist would approach each holiday. One of the biggest burdens of some holidays are gifts. I don't want most of the gifts I am given. And that makes a lot of clutter.

New Year's Eve/Day
An minimalist would stay in which would keep it safe and save money on gas. Maybe watch the ball drop or go to bed early.

Valentine's Day
Forget gifts. Just have sex with your loved one. If you don't have anyone then thats even more minimal.

St. Patrick's Day
Wear one green thing. Eat one green thing. Probably one of the most minimal of holidays. Less stressful too.

Hide one egg. When I was little all I wanted each easter was a stuffed animal. Thats all. Never liked Easter candy.

Mother's Day
Real minimalists don't have parents. I just hope for rain on Mother's Day.

Father's Day
Rain and McDonalds.

Independence Day
Watch fireworks. Or stay in a listen to them. Fireworks are too expensive.

Wear black. tada! Screw costumes. Maybe be a nudist. Thats pretty minimal. Shut the lights off at night and go to bed early. Don't go trick or treating nor pass out candy. If anything pass out some tofu.

Get some turkey lunch meat from the deli and have a sandwich. Make sure you are thankful.

Christmas (and similar holidays)
Don't wrap anything. Just have them close their eyes. If you get any presents....donate them to Goodwill in the Spring or re-give them to someone else. If you must gift wrap...try putting them in gift bags. That way there is no waste and no need to tape. I hate having left over rolls of wrapping paper. Gift bags are gift giving of the future. And they are reusable too.

The best gifts to give a minimalist: a roll of toilet paper. A nice soft one. A rainy day. A hug, a phone call, a text message, a lunch together, something that won't take up space. Something simple. Capeesh?

Did I forget anything? Yeah the holidays can be such a hassle. Just make it simple. No presents just hang and relax. Declutter and minimize.

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