Sunday, March 7, 2010

Orphan Assistance

There isn't a day that goes by that we aren't reminded that we are orphans. Times can be especially hard during an economic recession in the US. I've looked for some means of help or assistance for orphans. Ironically there is assistance for single mothers. Which I think is dumb. I'm sure they have parents that can help them. This is one of the reasons I started this blog in the first place. To help orphans cus no one else will.

I found out that my two friends from college that were going to move into a new place with me may not be coming. That means I don't get to save more money per month so I can get my car paid off so I can get cheaper insurance so I can sell my car and save up more money so I can move to NY where there are more jobs and I can have a boss who doesn't give me panic attacks. So yeah that kinda upsets me. But as orphans we know that you can't trust anyone. We would like to but no. We are on our own and have to use our brains to survive.

If my friends don't move when we planned to I will donate more stuff to Goodwill which I was saving for them. Like a beanbag and extra cups and presents. I have crunched more numbers to see if I can get my car paid off by December. Since no one will help us we just have to save money the best way we know how.

Rent. We can't usually change the price of rent. Unless you have roommates and that isn't going to happen apparently with me.

Gas or car. I barely ever go out. I save money on gas by driving the speed limit and only going to and from work and stopping by the grocery store on the way home. And since I don't drive as much I don't need to get an oil change as much. They say you should get an oil change every 3,000 miles but if I were to do that I would only get an oil change once a year.

Power or electricity. I opened up the blinds and let the light in instead of turning the lights on. I'm not cooking as much. I don't need to cook a banana. And it doesn't take that long to heat up some water for some tea or oatmeal. I don't have a tv so I don't watch that much and save that way. Also if you do have a tv make sure to unplug it when you aren't watching it. This can save a lot of money. Unplug microwave. I got rid of my microwave. Now the the weather is better I don't have to use my space heater. I have one of those energy saving space heaters. It uses up much less power than the heater in the ceiling or the floor. And my laptop usage is down to a minimum. I'm sure you have notice since I haven't been posting as much as I used to. That should cover just about all the usual power usage.

Food. I used to shop at Wal-mart. Now I shop at ALDI. Its a very low priced grocery store. They save money by making you use a quarter to use a shopping cart and then when you are done you get your quarter back. Also you have to buy bags to put your food in but most of the stuff comes in boxes so I just take a box and fill it with food. Or you can bring your own box. The prices are great. Like 55 cents for a can of green beans. I eat that for lunch. Only spending 55 cents for lunch is so much better than wasting gas driving to a fast food place and spending $5 on a meal. I know a can of beans may not be the ideal lunch. But I would rather spend $3 a week on lunch than $25. Thats $100 a month only on lunch plus the gas to get there. LAME! I used to spend $150 a month on food now I spend $60. Rock on!

Car insurance. Once I get my car paid off Ii will be cheaper since I won't have to have full coverage. I also have it automatically withdrawn from my bank account which gives me a small discount. Also being a good driver gives you a discount and staying with them for a few years gives you a discount. I use Progressive by the way.

Water bill. Its water. How much could you possibly use? Just make sure you don't leave faucets dripping etc. And maybe take shorter showers. I guess its cheaper if you live in an apartment. If you have a house I guess you have to fill up your pool and water the lawn and stupid stuff like that. I have not advice for that.

Don't buy anything. Unless you need it. ALDI has 4 rolls of toilet paper for 89 cents. Isn't that the best deal ever? Its a shame I don't eat toilet paper. To me getting to NY is more important than a new vanilla candle. More important than a new movie or new shoes. In the summer I wear flip-flops anyways. You have enough clothes. Don't buy anymore. Don't buy cds. Just listen to the radio. Its free. Maybe get a cassette tape and record your favorite song when it comes on the radio. I used to do that a lot but my radio doesn't record anymore. Rent videos from the library. Get a book from the library and read it outside. There you just saved money on that book and the electricity to use light to read it. Quit buying dumb stuff. We want life to be easier and it will only get easier if we simplify our lives. The things we want most in life are gone....our parents. Let all the spoiled brats who have parents waste their money on dumb stuff and let them go broke.

Sell stuff and make money. I took two small bags of clothing to a resale shop in town. Make sure the clothes are in season. Like now spring is just starting so I took short sleeves and tank tops. Also they want nice brand names. I know they did take my Victoria Secret black lace tank top. It was too small for me anyways. I got $6 for whatever they took. hmmm $6 thats free lunch for a week or a little bit of gas in your car. And if you make an extra $6 a month that is over $60 in a year. And $60 is more than a tank of gas. Its food for a month. Its a good amount. You can also try to sell dvds to Vintage stock. I sold back some 30 Days of Night action figures and for $3. You can pawn jewelry. I pawned a cross on a necklace and got $15. You can also sell books to a use bookstore. Most of the time they will want to give you credit so you buy more books though. Have a yard sale. I'm not sure if you need to have a permit or whatever. Maybe you can have your church have a church wide rummage sale. I say this cus my mom used to love to shop at yard sales and church sales when I was a kid. I can't go now cus I find it kinda creepy. But yeah. Yard sale fun! maybe have everything be a dollar. Even if its something like a toaster. It will surely sell. Most likely everything will sell. If you have 100 things and sell everything for a $1 each....boom! You got $100. YAY ORPHAN ASSISTANCE!!!

I hope this all helps. Can't wait til the economy gets better.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for introducing me to this ALDI; I've never heard of this chain before, but after a quick google, it turns out that there's actually a store located quite close to my town. I'll have to check it out soon. Thanks again & strive on!