Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How being minimal saves money

Did you know that if you cut down on your sodium (or salt) intake your taste buds will become more sensitive to other tastes and you get use to not having as much salt? And then if you have salt on your food it would seem way too salty because you have become used to just a little bit of salt. That happened to me and I was surprise at how salty my food was. yuck.

The same thing goes for spending. I used to buy one movie or one cd or something each week. I would buy it online and wait for it to arrive and buying more stuff while waiting for the other stuff to arrive. It was all just to have time pass faster really. One book and a movie a week plus shipping could end up being $25 a week. Not much really but $25 a week for 4 weeks. Thats is $100 a month. Thats over $1,000 a year. And thats also over 40 movies a year. I don't want 40 movies in my apartment.

I stopped buying movies, books and cds. Now I just listen to the radio. Its free. I watch my favorite movies that I already have. And I read blogs in my spare time. I don't have time for a book. Like the taste for salt...I crave it less. I don't want to purchase anything anymore. Its clutter and a waste of money.

I save money and my apartment is clean and spacious. Now keep in mind I had a lot. A lot of crap. I'm still trying to get rid of it all. It has become an obsession. I wonder when it will all end and I will have perfect haven. No pictures on the wall except of my mom. Just a few. No rugs. Less than 20 coat hangers. Three bugs. Sometimes my bowl is dirty and I make oatmeal in a mug. I put green tea in the other. And the other mug holds forks and spoons. One towel. You get the idea.

Instead of movies and books, I sit outside and enjoy the weather. If its snowing I can sit inside and watch the snow. If there is snow on my balcony I can built a tiny snowman. Make art, write something, etc. Let everyone else buy buy buy and waste money like idiots. Behold you have been enlightened.

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