Friday, May 21, 2010

Health Tips for Orphans Part 2: Tonsil Stones

Mother's Day really took a toll on me and my tonsils swelled up and I got a few small tonsil stones. They are gross. They make your breath smell like rotten eggs and you can taste it in your mouth too. Its white blood cells fighting an infection.

1. Don't eat too much food that contains calcium. Too much calcium can cause kidney stones and tonsil stones. And tonsil stones are nasty.

2. If you do get tonsil stones. Cut back on the calcium intake. I have found that mine was too high. (On Mother's Day I ordered two medium pizzas..big mistake)

3. Drink orange juice. This builds up your immune system and also reduces those tonsil stones.

4. A soda every now and then is good. A soda can help break down tonsil stones.

5. Drink lots of water. Again it helps reduce tonsil stones.

6. Keep your mouth clean. Floss, brush with toothpaste and rinse with a good strong mouthwash. You spit out the mouthwash...don't swallow it.

7. Eat veggies and fruits. No one gets brocolli stuck in their tonsils.

I hope this helps. Stay healthy. And guess what? Its my Birthday.

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Michelle Harris said...

Thank you for the information, Chelsea! And a Happy Belated Birthday to you!!!