Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Orphan Advice: Never Grow Up!

When our parents died we were forced to become adults even if we were just little kids. But if you look around at all the other adults who still have parents, you will notice they are kinda spoiled. They never had to grow up. They are still little kids. Why should we grow up?

We are forced into survival mentality. We see the harsh reality of life. We need to take a chill pill and be a kid again.

I have been looking back on how I have been trying to adjust since my mom died when I was 15. I was a happy kid before she died. Then after she died I tried to be happy, tried to fit in with the new family. But they always had unrealistic rules. Treated me differently than their own kids. College was good since everything was taken care of and I had no rules...just like a kid.

So I am going to try to be more free like a kid for the next year before my move to NY. The whole heiress thingy is kinda like that. Being your own boss. Spoiling yourself. Being confident of yourself. Orphans are in survival mode. Sad and stressed out. But an heir or heiress stays spoiled and happy.

Here are some things that I plan to do and/or suggest you do:

1. East fast food once a month. Atleast. McDonalds makes me feel like a kid again. And they brought back the Happy Meal box. YAY

2. Walk around the house in your underware. I used to do this as a kid. At least wear those fluffy slippers.

3. Sleep in on your days off and watch some cartoons. Why not?

4. Visit the mall. My mom always used to take me to the mall. They got fast food. So maybe you can get McDonalds at the mall and its double the spoiled-ness.

5. Try eatting some kids cereal. They don't have prizes in them anymore but the Happy meals do.

6. Watch a movie. We always watched movies as kids. Why stop?

7. Dress like a kid. My room was always pink. So I will wear pink. I always wanted a Barbie when I was little so I got a Barbie shirt.

8. You only live once. Enjoy yourself. But remember to not over spend or over eat.


There is not point in waking up in the middle of the night everynight regreting your teen years, or childhood etc. I wish my sister would have taken me to the fair...well I will round up some of my friends and go to the fair. I wasn't allow to go to prom. Why not round up some friends and dress up and have a night out on the town?

One final problem...how to get friends. Myspace? Facebook? Church? Old high school friends. Or just go solo. But be careful about going to the fair alone at night. Better go during the day time if you are alone. Be safe.


T. Rose Fox said...

Chelsea. I like your post. I've been saying other adults are spoiled brats for years. I didn't really grow up as an orphan. I grew up mostly playing parent to my parent. So, it kind of feels like being an orphan, I guess. I'm looking to connect to adult orphans because I think they experience some of the same adult hood complications that I'm facing. Ever see the TV show "Bones"? I really identify with it. So, that's where I got the idea that my life is a lot like an orphan. I had to take on responsibility and adult like behaviors as a young child to survive my environment. I have trouble making friends as an adult. And lately I've been feeling really down that I don't have anyone in my life to depend on. I like your idea of pampering yourself. Problem is I spent most of my money on the family I was trying to make. I'm tired of being a responsible adult. I'm not as happy as other adults my age who still depend on their parents. I want to have a good time, but I don't have anyone to have a good time with. And I would go alone (I often do), but I want to learn how to make friends.

T. Rose Fox said...
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Chelsea said...

Thanks for the comment. I understand really wanting to make friends. It seems like our only other option to feel loved and have somewhat of a family. Hopefully soon I will be able to get my own place and see if there are easier ways of making friends. Best wishes! :)

R Cabot said...


If I may ask without insulting you, how old are you now? I'm curious in regards to your life "perspective".

Deathany97 said...

I am 30.