Saturday, May 29, 2010

What an orphan should do on Memorial Day

Hey, Just thought I would give a quick update. I guess this post would only be for US orphans. But I want to treat this weekend kinda like Mother's Day weekend. I got some hot dogs to fry up and some candy to spoil myself on. Its a three day weekend and I am relax and I feel like a kid. I got some beads so I can make some necklaces if I get bored. I still had sad dreams of mom last night though. But this weekend shouldn't be too sad for an orphan. Most families just have a cook out and play music, swim in a pool and watch tv. We can do that at home. And pools are gross. People pee in them. A bath is much better.

So heres what to do on Memorial Day if you are lonely:
-fry some hot dogs. You should have gotten some a head of time.
-play some music.
-take a bath.
-watch some tv or youtube
-make some necklaces
-sit out on the porch
-hang with friends
-try drinking green tea or fruit tea all weekend. Its fun to try something new and it will help pass the time.
-Walk around the house in your underwear.
-Just be a kid and relax
-be glad you don't have to hang out with a family that complains about the way you look or your lifestyle etc.
-stay positive!

Remember Memorial Day is to celebrate the soldiers who have and are fighting for our country. They can't even come home to be with their families. We are like soldiers trying to fight off our everyday grief.

Try watching the sunrise too!

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