Friday, June 4, 2010

Father's Day Preparation for an Orphan

Well I have started to see ads for Father's Day. Its a few weeks away. I will not be putting up the chat this time. But again I am telling you that we need to prepare.

Things to do to prepare for Father's Day:
-plan to hang out with a friend
-try to hang out with a friend
-find a friend to hang out with on FD
-stock up on food for that weekend
-rent a movie to watch on FD
-treat yourself on that day
-sleep in on FD
-stock up on Green Tea. It will keep you from getting sick.

I know I don't want to have to leave my house on Father's Day. I want to stay in. So I will have to stock up on food.

-maybe get a book to read for the day
-listen to a new cd on that day
this may mot be a good idea since that cd will remind you of that day)

I will post more. I plan on trying to find a friend to hang out with...if that doesn't work out I will try to relax and spoil myself. Last Mother's Day was terrible.


Mr Lonely said...

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Carol said...

I am sorry your mothers day was sucky.... so was mine probably the worst mothers day ive ever had. And now Fathers day is coming up! Agh. I just got over the emotional roller coaster of mothers day... now i have to go through fathers day too? Especially since my father has abandoned me but he still in contact with some of my family. I dont want to talk with him or even see him but i also dont want my family to surprise me with the fact that he may come around( they have been known to not tell me when he is going to show up at a family function). OK really thats all... needed to just send out my thoughts.