Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dating advice for Orphans: Be the best

This post is for both men and women. It should be obvious. But no one wants a person who looks like crap or is crap. Who wakes up in the morning and thinks "oh I want to dress like a slob for the rest of my life?" No. Be the best you can be.

For Women:
Men want an ideal girl. Perhaps with a title. Men want to be able to brag about their girl and say "my girlfriend is a model" or singer or asian or a virgin. Its all ideals. I know we would think they would want someone who doesn't cheat and is actually doing something with their lives. But no. Men tend to be immature little boys. They want th prettiest girl even if one day she will be old and ugly. Go fig. So...dress your best, get a nice haircut, drink some green tea, work out, go blonde or redhead. But also be yourself.

Sometimes I look at some married women and it is SO obvious why their hubby chose them...cus their tits are big, or they are asian or a redhead etc. lame but its true. No one wants an orphan. So don't tell him. Get some other title...like a cheerleader, prom queen, etc. Maybe be a belly dancer. Guys want a girl to be proud of.

I don't really know what I am. I just want to be me.

For men:
Just about the same thing goes for men. Women want a decent guy. A guy who dresses nice and is hardworking. A guy who is doing something with his life. I never understood why a guy would just fall apart after a divorce. Why not make yourself better? Clean the house, get a haircut, new clothes, and become someone better.
Not very many girls want a guy with no job, no money, no home and no car. Those 4 things are very important. A great place to meet chicks is at the gym. Which is great cus not only are you working on getting in shape but you are also meeting people. (side note: get a month-to-month contract) Most gyms sign you up for a three year contract and you get stuck with it. A month-to-month contract is much easier to get out of. Or just try jogging or playing sports. Women are not impressed by alcohol or drug use. So don't. It will ruin your life.

Women love guys in neck ties, they like smart guys, talented guys and nice guys.
Do something with your life. Work for a company, write songs, follow your passion, get hobbies. Try cooking ,writting a book, building websites. These skills are not only impressive but can also get you a job. And job makes money which pays for car and a home and extra money to spend on chicks.

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