Friday, June 11, 2010

Orphan Tips for Father's Day

Its getting closer. I am starting to see advertisements for Father's Day gifts and stuff. don't let it get to you. The new Toy Story Movie comes out that weekend. Thinking about Father's Day just makes it worse. Here's some tips for you guys to make Father's Day easier for you

1. Keep yourself busy. Busy but not stressed. Don't sit and think about how sad you are. Watch a movie, read a book, hang with friends, clean the house. Stay busy. Treat it like any other day.

2. Stay in. I prefer to stay in on Mother's Day and Father's Day. I don't want to see other people with their parents and I also may be kinda grumpy and I don't want anyone giving me an attitude when I know they have parents. So I stay in. But some people may get lonely so you may want to go out and see a movie or something. But plan this a head of time.

3. Treat yourself. Lately I have been indulging in the Kandi Kid life. Its people who wear shirts with cartoons on them and believe in PLURR (Peace, love, unity, respect and responisbility) I love it. It all makes me feel like a kid again. There is much more to the Kandi kid culture and you can do the research on your own. But my point is to be like a kid again. No one really glows up. Lots of men still play video games. Lots of adult still live with their parents. As orphans we are forced to grow up fast and work hard. Be a kid once in a while. Make Father's Day an easy day. Rent a movie, order pizza, play your favorite cd, take a bath, try a new video game, sleep in. Its just one day.

4. Stock up on the essentials. I plan on staying in so I make sure to have money so I can order a pizza, extra food, medicine in case I get sick, etc. I got sick last Mother's Day and I wished I had some orange juice to help me. Stock up on healthy foods. Green tea helps your immune system. And if you do start to cry, remember to drink water. Replace those tears. Or you will get dehydrated and get sick.

5. If you cry, drink water. I gotta say it again. If you cry, drink water. Or you will get sick. If you cry, eat healthy, Drink some green tea, some veggies, orange juice. Not too much orange juice. Some milk.

6. Try getting some multi-vitamins. Its kinda like when you have a headache you take some asprin. Well if you are sad or feel sick take a vitamin. Or better yet take a vitamin each day so stay healthy.

7. Have a friend you can call. Have some friends you can chat with on or or or whatever. Talking and chatting with friends will cheer you up.

8. Plan. Make plans. Don't just assume that it will be a breeze and that you will just stay in. Make plans and make backup plans. I plan on sleeping in, checking my email, watching some cartoons, eatting breakfast, listening to some music, playing with the dog, maybe text a friend, and then do it all over again. I may also finish some art.

You get the idea right? Don't assume it will be easy. Just make it a fun day. Why should it be a bad day for you? Stay positive.


Docholiday said...

Well I know how lonely it feels having lost both parents young. I like your idea about reading cartoons and shirts. If you live in Michigan and want to go to a movie give me a

Docholiday said...

Great ideas since I don't have either parent. Ps if your in Michigan and want to watch a movie eat pizza email me