Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Zen and Halloween

I have always wanted simplicity. I would love to get rid of my Facebook and Myspace and just have a simple Twitter and this blog. And maybe keep my Youtube. Facebook has so many applications and spam. Same with Myspace. The only reason I keep them is because of friends and relatives. Relatives I have been looking for all my life that found me on Facebook. Otherwise we may never have found each other. But yes, I like simplicity. I like Zen.

Halloween is coming. Soon I will have nothing but skull mugs in my kitchen, yay. I also need to get Vladimir (my puppy) a years supply of Halloween toys. He and I are going to be ourselves this year for Halloween. I thought about being Darth Vader with breasts but no. Helmet is too expensive I bet. I was looking at baby costumes and I thought "if I had a kid...he would be Darth Vader for Halloween. And one day he would look back and thank me."

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