Thursday, December 16, 2010


Is it hard to trust people if they change their opinions about you? If someone's nasty then warm to you, how do you feel about them? also, how easy is it to let ppl in?

Everyone or every orphan is different. I tend to be a anti-social snot. I don't trust people. I think most people are fake. I have noticed a lot of people are mean and then nice. I am sometimes the same way but I act mean because I may be going through a hard time. But other people I have noticed act mean one day just to me and then ACT nice the next day.

Go figure. I don't know what their problem is.

As time goes by I am trusting less and less. I find myself realizing that people are just kinda fake and men are jerks most of the time. Its sad.

But I always say that orphans need to look out for themselves. If people really cared and were trustable then I wouldn't have to save up money incase I get fired. But I have gotten fired without notice before even though my boss knew that I am on my own.

Even friends can have their own agenda. I may hang out with my friends but people will always care more about what they want and themselves than others.

I find it very hard to trust. I just try to look out for myself. All the people that I ever trusted are dead.

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Anonymous said...

i think you're great, you're blog means so much to me x