Monday, December 5, 2011

Great Idea for Orphans!

I just thought of this a while ago and I am not sure why I never thought of this before. But you know how it can be difficult when you have lost someone and you want to talk about them. I think it is fine to talk about your lost loved one. As often as you want. If they were still here it would be okay to talk about them. Why would it be wrong to talk about them if they have past away? Anyways. I find it very important to find friends and soul mates that understand what you are going through. And I thought of a great why for orphans to find others who may have lost a loved one.

Visit a graveyard on Mother's Day or Father's day etc. It could even be your own Mother or Father's grave. I have never visited before on any of those days...but I think if you did you may have some company. At least you will feel like you aren't the only one who feels the sadness of that day. You may meet someone who has also lost a parent or someone who you can talk to about your loss.

I think its ingenious.

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shefromneverland said...

somehow your sentiments matches mine ... i am an orphan too... and life has been pretty hard and i have learnt (and am still learning) many things and i don't seem to share a really good relationship with much people as i cannot trust them easily. i wish i had a real friend. i am 23 now and in a good university ...i loved your posts ... thanks.