Thursday, October 14, 2010

Learn from Peter Pan

You remember Peter Pan. He was is an orphan and lives in Never Never Land with other orphans who have taken a vow to never grow up. In the story of Peter Pan they can fly. All they need is pixie dust and a happy thought. As long as you keep thinking about your happy thought, you can fly.

I think this is what we need to do when we are sad or even feeling suicidal. We need to think of happy things in life and think of things we want to do in our life. Think of how we want to change our life so it is more enjoyable. And when we keep thinking about our happy thoughts we can fly. But if we don't, we fall and die. Our happy thoughts are our life line. It will keep us alive.

If you keep focusing on the bad things in can't fly. So think of the good things.

On the way to and from work I get upset seeing people driving in and out of nice neighborhoods. I get upset seeing people on their cell phones talking to friends or relatives. But I tried to think going to yardsales with mom, or my dog at home or how I want to move to NY and ride the subway with homeless people.

Never give up and hold on to your happy thought. And make sure to have extra happy thoughts.

Every morning I write down a list of things to be happy about and things that I am looking forward to. You should too.

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