Thursday, October 28, 2010

Winter Warnings for Orphans

Its that time of year again. Remember to plan for the Holidays. It will get pretty lonely right before Thanksgiving. Soon everyone who has a family will be shopping like crazy. And it will be hard to find someone to hang out with.

Plan your holidays. Don't assume it will be easy.

I plan to get a library card and start visiting the library. Its free and nearby.

Stock up on food and canned goods. The snow storms may keep you in for a while and it may become difficult to get grocieries if the roads are icey.

Keep that gas tank full. Water in the air will condense and freeze if temperatures are below 32 degrees. (which is freezing). And it will hurt your car.

Maybe plan on reading one book a month. Watching one movie a week. Make some art, write a book. Go to a concert. PLAN PLAN PLAN!!!

This is the reason I started this blog was to warn you guys about times like this. The holiday get very lonely. And every year I for get how lonely it gets.

Get a twitter account and follow some interesting people.

Make sure to have your faucet dripping a little or the pipes will freeze.

Use a space heater insead of the internal heater in your home. It will save you money. But keep an eye on that space heater. Make sure there are no newspapers infront of it or anything that could catch fire.

Hang a blanket over the window to keep cold air out and warm air in. Or close blinds etc.

NEVER pour hot water on your car to remove ice. It will break your glass windshield!!! Even cold water may break the glass. Just scrap the ice best you can or stay home.

Never scrap the ice on the painted part of your may end up scratching the paint on your car.

Drive carefully if you don't have anti-lock breaks! YOUR CAR WILL SPIN!. Drive slowly. I stay off the highways.

Stock up on blankets and warn clothes.

So there are some tips for winter. And most of all remember to plan ahead. Make sure you have something to do. YOu don't want to get lonely and sad. I will keep you guys posted. *HUGS*

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