Friday, April 23, 2010

How to be happier

Not how to be happy. Just happier. Positive thinking. But what does that mean? Here is a method. Try counting your blessings. We always pay attention to the crap in life. Like going to work, paying bills, getting sick, and so many other problems. When Paris Hilton tweets about how she is loving life....she is focusing on the good. She isn't gonna tell you that bad things that happen in her life unless its funny like her phone breaking.

So try focusing on the good. Like today I have to go to the doctors again and I have a lot of work and I just want to go home. But I need to think about how I got a free meal from Arbys because of an advertising promotion we are doing, and my "club sandwiches not seals" hoodie came in the mail, and its raining (I love the rain).

Its like I said before...changing that orphan mentality to an heiress mentality.

An orphan would say..."I'm tired...I want to go home."

An heiress/heir would say "ITS FRIDAY! And I get to sleep in tomorrow"

Here is some good news. I am still gonna post that Mother's Day chat on here. And you guys can still follow me on twitter since I don't have internet at home. So there's some nice things to think about. I got some other neato stuff too.

And if you want to find out where you can get a "club sandwiches not seals" hoodie. Here is a link: club sandwiches not seals hoodie. Make sure to get the right size. Mine is a small.

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