Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What to do on a dead loved ones birthday?

Real heirs and heiresses have dead parents. My mothers birthday is coming up. Its not that much of a big deal but I do notice it. Of course it doesn't make sense to go out and buy something for her. But it does make sense to do something that would make her proud. Of course I should always try to make her proud. Its kinda like a new years resolution but its on her birthday. If I were in school I could study extra hard for a test or something etc. But I am out of college. And I am already trying to move to New York to make her proud.

I think its a cool idea to try to make her proud for her birthday. Its like the sadness doesn't stop me from doing what I should do in life. Its like she is still here.

Somethings aren't that easy to accomplish in a day. Some things take longer. Like I thought trying to do some modeling for mom would be cool. But its kinda hard to find a photographer and get enough guts to do it. Plus it takes practice. I'll try to think of some things to do for her Bday.

Things you can do to make your loved one proud on their birthday:

- Eat healthy for a day
- stop smoking
- donate to
- try working out
- vow to do better in school
- pay off that stupid credit card
- recycle
- take acting classes
- take modeling classes
- try to get into a gallery
- make some art that she/he used to make
- cook something she/he used to cook
- learn to cook
- donate to a cause that helps fight against what took them away. ie: American Cancer Society
- keeping this blog going!

If you think of any more please comment. This can help all of us.


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Another thing that you should do on your loved one's birthday that passed away is to give a visit and pray for him/her. But you have good ideas for someone's birthday. Thank you for sharing.