Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How to make life more enjoyable

Real heirs and heiresses have a very enjoyable life. We can't take away some of the things that make life a pain...like greiving, job stress, bills, etc. But we can always add some things to make us enjoy life a little more.

Things you should try that will make your life more enjoyable:

1. Sweatpants. Yes! I had to buy some a few weeks ago for a treadmill stress test. I put them on and they were so soft. I remember in college I wore hoodies but I never tried the sweatpants. These are the ones with the drawstrings so they always fit. And you can wear them around the house or out when you run errands. Then I read Paris Hiltons book "Confessions of an Heiress" and she also writes about how comfortable sweatpants are. You gotta try them really.

2. Keeping a journal. Remember I said it helps to count your blessings. Every morning I find myself grumbling to work. But I need to think of the good things. Keeping a journal makes you write down those good things. I understand keeping track of the bad things...you gotta get through em. But keep getting excited about the good things. List them...everyday. Like mine today would be: nice weather, there is nothing wrong with my tires, I don't have to pay any bills until payday, the recession is over, I am on lunch break now, I showed my readers my silly Youtube page, I have a nice purse, etc. I could go on and on. You should too!

3. Fruit flavored tea. Its healthy and its fruit flavored. Its not like the usually tea flavor. Remember to add honey or it won't taste right. Its like a little healthy treat. Boil the water, put the tea bag in the mug, pour the hot water in the mug, pull the tea bag in and out of the water...up and down for about a minute, throw tea bag away, squirt some honey in the mug, stir so the honey dissolves, then add some cold water and I put it in the fridge to chill. And I drink it later.

4. Keep track of the funny things that happen to you. Just little funny stories. Like I was looking for a picture of Paris Hilton to put on my Myspace.com and he walked into my office and the computer froze. Now he thinks I like girls. HA! Paris always gets me in trouble.

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