Friday, April 30, 2010

How to Move to New York

There are always jobs in New York...even in the middle of an economic recession. People get paid more in New York City too! So when your boss treats you like shit and shakes his millionaire asshole head at you like you are stupid when you are really putting forth all you've got...moving to NY seems oh so nice!

You won't need a car in New York. No more being ripped off by mechanics. No more rednecks with dog testicles hanging from the back of their pickup trucks. New York is full of people who actually are doing something with their lives. Working hard. And I bet they know how to spell. Everyone has a hope and a dream in NY. Let's go!

1. You have got to read about New York. Learn the areas, how to get a job in New York, how to get an apartment in New York City...etc. You can look all over online at various blogs. But having a book packed full with info is best. I got the red one below at home along with a map of Manhattan. Make sure the map also has a subway map too.

2. Plan an escape! Some books even give tips on the actual moving. The best ways to move. I would prefer Greyhound if I didn't have a dog. If you have small pets you may have to drive yourself or go by plane. Planes will not fly pets in the summer or winter. Pick a place to live. Research it too!

3. Visit New York first. You need to get to know the area. This will help you find an apartment faster etc. Again, a book about moving to New York and a map will help with the visit that will help you with the move!

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