Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Want a Successful Business?

(Oragami art by Won Park)

Try being simple and minimal. Look at its one of the most successful website in the history of the World Wide Web. is still relatively simple and easy to understand. and on the other hand has made several "improvements" but it has gotten more complicated. And once you make a website more complex by adding features, you can't take them away.

I deleted both of my Myspaces this morning to try and make a new one but it is extremely complicated. I may just say goodbye to Myspace for good.

I think the same rule goes for everything else. The best cars are simple cars. Not too many features. Just because its simple doesn't mean its cheaply made either. Best books are simple and to the point. best clothes are simple. No one wants something with several layers, belts, straps or buttons. Just put it on and go.

Too many features can scared off customers. Too many rules in a contest will scared off people. Too many words in a contract will scared off buyers.

Too many ingredients in a food or too many items on a sandwich.

Simple simple simple.

Too many options can be a bad thing. Kinda like too many bills.

People want simple. One easy hidden fees.

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