Friday, January 22, 2010

Adopting an Orphan from Haiti

The recent tragedy in Haiti has been very upsetting. But I also see that it is bringing the world together to help Haiti. It has opened peoples eyes and their hearts. Millions of people around the world want to help. It think that is great. I hope it just gets better from here on for Haiti.

I haven't really touched on the topic of adopting orphans from outside the US. I think this is an excellent time. Before the Earthquake hit Haiti on January 12, 2010 there were already thousands of orphans in the process of being adopted. Now there are even more. It is very heartbreaking. Its a very hard time for them now. As a result of the earthquake the adoption process has been put on hold. Many orphanages have collapsed in the tragedy and various adoption paperwork has been destroyed. But even more people around the world want to help and adopt.

I suggest that everyone who cares should donate at least once a week to help Haiti. The most we help the faster the recovery. The sooner we can help these orphans. I found a site that has a list of several organization that you can donate to

Thank you so much for wanting to adopt a Haitian Orphan. Don't give up on the wait. It means the world to these little ones. You will be making their lives so much easier.

More info on Haitian orphan adoption:
These links contain info about paperwork and passports etc. Hopefully this can help you do your research while we wait and donate.

Haiti Adoption

This one is espeically nice. It is a blog written by a family that has already gone through the wait and paperwork of adopting an orphan from Haiti.

Beathany Christian Services - Haiti - The Voice of Adoption

Any updates or other links I come across I will post here:

Again don't forget to donate at least $10 once a week to help Haiti.

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