Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ways to Relax in Winter and Summer

I am burning a candle and listening to nature sounds of a thunderstorm and my dog just farted and it smells terrible. He totally just ruined my zen. Anyways I have found that it is somewhat more difficult to relax in the winter for me. Summer is so much easier. If you can find ways of relaxing you enjoy life more and reduce stress and cope with grief easier. This topic is divided into two parts. Winter and Summer. Spring and Fall tend to be very short and are very easy to enjoy.

Ways to relax in Winter

1. Warm bath. Sometimes it can be difficult to get warm water in the winter. But if you do it is so nice to take a warm bath. It was so nice as a child to be in the bathtub and it was so big. Now the tub is so small.

2. Candles. Its nice to watch a warm glow in your home. Write something or read a book while burning a candle. Try a vanilla, or gardenia candle. The possibilities are endless.

3. Snowfall. Its so nice to watch snow. Its also nice when you get to stay home and not have to go to work or school because of the snow. Its like you are a kid again.

4. Warm Tea. It keeps you healthy and warm. Also tea is out of season in the winter and the tea you have to make by hand is usually the only kind available. It is at least the cheapest. I recommend the Green Tea.

5. Warm bed. Just like a warm bath only your hands don't get all wrinkled. Extra blankets save energy and a nice stuffed animal is fun to put your head on.

6. No rapists. Rapists are much more likely to roam in warmer weather. I still keep an eye out while walking from my car to my door. This is not meant to be funny. I am serious.

7. The holidays. The holiday can be stressful but yet its nice to hear the Christmas songs for a while and see the Christmas lights.

8. A new year. Everyone likes a new start. It makes life more exciting. Something to look forward to.

9. No birds. Yes, no annoying birds chirping in the morning. We really take this one for granted. Then summer comes around and we have to get up early because of those darn birds.

10. Driving slower. Icy roads force you to drive slower. This saves gas also.

11. More gas in your tank. Since gas expands when it is hot you get more when its cold out. You should always full up your tank on a cool morning anyways so you get more.

12. Don't have to walk the dog as much. Its a snow storm out there. Keep the pup inside.

Ways to relax in Summer

1. Sunsets and sunrises.
With the nice weather it is easy to go out onto the porch and watch the sunset or sunrise.

2. Rain storms. Summers have frequent rainfall. Its nice to listen to the rain and take a nap. Rainy days tend to make you sleepy. Its also nice to watch the rain fall from your window. Maybe put a jar outside and watch the rain fill up the jar.

3. Growing plants. You can also grow plants in the summertime. Its like having a tiny little green kid. Watching it grow from day to day. And seeds are quite inexpensive.

4. Less clothes. Spending time at home in more casual wear. Its much more relaxing and free. Much better than having to wear sweaters all the time.

5. Candles. Who says candles are for winter only? Yes, they may be a little too much if you have the AC on. But on a stormy night a candle is nice while you read a book.

6. Longer days.
When the sunsets later you can stay out longer. Remember to go inside when the sun goes down. Thats when rapists tend to prowl.

7. Tires stay aired up. Since air expands when it is hot, your tires stay well inflated. In the winter tires tend to have a beer belly.

8. Gas tank stays more full. Gas expands when hot. So it looks like its more full. In the winter is always looks like I need gas. Plus in the winter you need to keep your tank full to prevent moisture from freezing in it.

9. The Zoo
. Yay yes the zoo is free in the winter but how inconvenient. Take a nice trip with some friends to the zoo and enjoy nature and eat some food.

10. The ice cream man. Ice cream delivery. Even if you don't buy any ice cream because of the price, your diet, or other ethical reasons, you can still enjoy that little tune the truck plays when going through the neighborhood.

11. Walk the dog. In the cold months you can't walk the dog in a snow storm. But in the summertime you definitely can. Just be on the look out for other dogs.

12. Cheaper electricity bill. Its the heater that takes a toll on your electricity bill. In the summertime you can really save on your electricity bill. Open a window and let a cool breeze in. I bet that breeze is also enjoyable.

I still prefer summertime. Winter tends to be a hassle for me which is why I wrote this. Trying to find the positive in a situation. Now I have a little to help me relax but I still can't wait for summer.

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