Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How to plan for Valentine's Day

Its a new year. I went to bed early on New Years Eve. It wasn't too bad. I watched a movie. I won't mention which movie because it had some dumb orphan joke in it. If I ever come across a good movie with no orphan jokes I will let you know. Right now my only recommendation is Bottle Rocket. It was a lot funnier than I thought it would be. I watched it before Christmas. I thought if my mom were alive she would have liked it. We always had similar tastes in men.

Anyways, I posted on doing your taxes. January is here and you gotta get your taxes out of the way. Also Valentine's Day is coming. It shouldn't be too lonely since its not a family holiday but it can be hard for some people so I thought I would give some more advice so we can prepare.

Back in college we always had an art show at a local cafe on Valentine's Day so that took care of me for 4 years. If you have someone to spend the evening with then you are good. But if you have no one to hang out with what do you do?

1. Well we can go old school like I have suggested and stay in and order pizza. Watch a movie.

2. Sometimes there are dances in town you can go to. Maybe go to a club. Keep in mind you aren't the only person who has no one to spend Valentine's day with and some clubs want singles to gather there and have a good time. Try listening to your local radio station.Sometimes the local clubs will have a commercial about VDay and special events that you can go to.

3. Maybe try the movie theater. I worked at a movie theater for two years and singles do go to the movies on Vday. You may meet someone. Keep in mind there will be other couples there also.

4. The good thing about Vday is that its not like other holidays where everything is closed. On Vday you can go anywhere. Eat anywhere, shop anywhere. All of the couples will be having dinner and watching movies. Think of where the singles would be. Vday should be a gold mine of singles all around town especially in the evening.

5. Try hanging out at a bookstore, or a cafe. You want to do something to occupy or time or maybe even meet someone. I don't think any single person would be opposed to meeting someone on Valentine's Day and if they were I am sure they would be at home watching tv or something.

These are all things you can do if you have no one to hang out with on Valentine's Day. But you know I always say you should try to prepare. Ask some friends what they are doing on February the 14th. It doesn't have to be a date. Maybe just hang out with friends and have a nice time so you aren't so lonely. My theory is that a lot of people are single on Valentine's Day because the guys don't want to spend the money on their girl, so they break up with them. This case if true for some. This will be the first year that I don't have an art show or have to work on Vday. I'm not sure what I will be doing. I may order pizza after going shopping or something. We all have more than a month a head of us to think about it.

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