Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ways to enjoy the Zen life

Since I have decluttered my home and become minimal I was trying to think of the little things in life to enjoy. What I want most is to be with my mom and have a family again. Now I know that is all that matters in life but I can't have that. I have barely any other wants. I watch movies to cheer myself up after a break up or during the holidays. I may find a nice book to read. But I was just wondering what are the simple things in life to enjoy that we seem to forget or at least what to do after you have decluttered your home and are saving money. Here are some things I have thought of.

1. Rainy days. I have forgotten how much I love rainy days. Sitting by the window and watching the rain and hearing the thunder. Then taking a nap. Maybe even opening the porch door and feeling the cool air come into the living room while I lay on my futon.

2. Candles. Its terrible when you are given yucking candles on the holidays. But it is so nice when you treat yourself to a low budget vanilla candle or honey dew melon candle. Those are my fav. Its also nice to keep track of how long the candle lasts. It helps pass time. The smell can bring back memories. Sitting and reading a book and listening to some music while a candle is burning. So Zen.

3. Snow falling. Nature and the weather are the things in life we tend to forget. The snow can be a hassle sometimes. But it is nice to watch the snow fall. So calming. It reminds me of being in school and knowing that I will be able to stay home with mom the next day.

4. Music. So many kinds. That nice feeling of sitting and listening to a new cd. With each track you pick your favorites. And you listen to them the next day. Music can bring inspiration also. Maybe you happier. Help you make art. Help you write. Help you meditate.

5. The sunrise. In the spring and summer I like to get up and sit on the porch and watch the sunrise or at least watch the sun light move across the floor of my porch. Hear the trees move and feel the wind. Think of the future, the past and the present. It all seems so happy and exciting. Knowing that the sun has returned after traveling around the world. Its also fun to visit and watch the sun rise on the other side of the world. At midnight in Oklahoma the sun is rising in Paris.

6. Running around in your underwear. This is so much fun to do in the summer. In the winter you have to wear a sweater around the house but in the summer time you can be a little more casual. There is much more freedom. Nothing like sitting in your underwear and watching Saturday morning cartoons while eating a bowl of cereal.

7. Having a pen pal. Its so nice to get the mail and see that you have a letter from someone with a message inside. Its so much better than bills and junk mail. The walk back to the house is nice. You wonder what they wrote. When you get back in the house you read it. How nice and simple.

8. Donating to Goodwill. Its a great feeling to take a box of clutter and drop it off at the Goodwill store. Its nice to know that its out of the way and that you helped someone. Its like a new life. You have made progress. You have simplified your life. Cleaned up your life.

9. Donating your hair. To grow out your hair and then have it cut off and donated to help make wigs for people fighting cancer is a beautiful thing. the new haircut is life a new fresh start. I can't wait to cut my hair again. I will be back to using less shampoo. You can donate at Locks of Love.

10. Using cruelty-free products. Its may be difficult at first but once you find your new brand you like it is easier. You feel better knowing that you are making a difference by not using products testing on animals. Avon, Revlon, Giovanni, Mary Kay, Shaklee, Arbonne and Jay Manuel products are cruelty-free just to name a few. No guilt anymore when buying shampoo, make-up, soap, toothpaste or any other products. Even some chocolate from the Ivory Coast are harvested by child slaves. One Slave-free chocolate company is Endangered Species Chocolate.

11. Donate to I just donated to help people in Haiti. They just had a terrible earthquake yesterday. Thousands have been found dead. You can even donate through your account.

Those are just a few things in life that are to be desired and bring enjoyment to your life. I will post more if I think of any. I'm sure the list is limitless. Don't forget your family if you have one. And dreams. I love it when I have nice dreams. Dreams about being back in college and getting attention from guys. Yay Zen dreams.

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