Sunday, January 17, 2010

How to cope with grief in art

I'm an artist. Some say that art helps them relax and forget their problems. It doesn't always work for me. But I think it is something everyone should try.

1. Pick a medium. If you have never really done any art before you may want to start out basic before investing on a canvas and some paint. Try a basic pencil and paper. If you find that you really like making artwork and expressing yourself then you can move on to canvas and paint.

2. Pick your subject matter. You may not want to paint your loved one. This make create more paint for you. Perhaps try doodling. Make a basic pattern. A landscape. An animal. Try drawing something that you like. Flowers, vampires, cars, clothes, etc. You may find you have some hidden talent.

3. Feel free to erase is you don't like what you come up with. But sometimes its nice to not erase lines and just keep going with it. That used to be my rule. Never erase and just work with what you have done and see what you come up with.

4. Try mixed media. Maybe glue some magazine clippings on to the paper. Add paint or markers. Maybe glue hair or yarn on to the drawing. Experiment a little. Be creative.

5. Try looking at other art and learn about other artists. Read biographies on other artists. Maybe they painted certain things when they were going through a hard time.

6. If you still don't like what you come up with try starting a new piece or take a break. Sometimes I have to be in the right mood to make art.

7. Take your time. Sometimes art can take days even weeks to complete. Sometimes people rush through their work. Its nice to have a large canvas that you can work on whenever you have spare time or get lonely or bored.

8. Don't forget to frame your work. If you really like it want want to keep it or even sell it you will need to frame it.

9. If it is sculpture you won't have to frame it of course. You may have to paint it or fire it though.

10. Some towns have a paint in place studio where you can pick a ceramic piece and sit down and paint it and then you pay a firing fee and pay for the piece itself and then you get to take it home. A place like this can be loads of fun. Try doing a google business search for a paint in place studio in your town.

Those are just a few ideas. Lots of people draw to take their mind off of things. Its been known to help people quit smoking.

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