Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tips for thrift store shopping

Some people have a problem with shopping at thrift stores. Some think it is depressing. Some think its evil. Some just think its trashy. Saving hundreds of dollars on items is not depressing to me. Shopping at thrifts stores can be evil because you save and Jesus saves and Jesus isn't evil. Yes, some items are thrift stores can be trashy but there are some great finds also. You know what else I heard? I heard that millionaires shop at thrift stores. You may run into one and end up getting married. See! Thrift stores are good. Here are some tips I've learned over my thrift store shopping years.

1. Some thrift stores have half price day. I know the Salvation Army has half price Wednesday. This is when you can get the best deals. They sometimes even send out coupons where you can get half price on anything in the store even if it isn't Wednesday.

2. Check not only the size of an article of clothing but also how it is washed. Sometimes the main reason it ended up in a thrift store was because it was dry clean only. Sometimes I just ignore that and end up ruining the item anyways.

3. Check the movies. I always have to look at the movies. They are usually just a dollar and you can find some old stuff from the 80's.

4. Most people go to thrift stores just for clothes but they also can have artwork, dishes and books. Mugs for 50 cents. Sometimes you can find some really weird artwork too.

5. Cheap furniture! They might deliver also. Like a nice couch for your new apartment.

6. Remember Antique Road Show? These people would buy something from a thrift store and find out that its worth hundreds more. We all got to try that sometime.

7. Kids clothes. Those kids grow fast. Why pay for new clothes every few months when you can save money and get used clothes? Then you can use the money you saved while they were growing up and use that for the name brand stuff they are gonna want in high school. Pure genius.

8. Prom dresses. New prom dresses are usually hundreds of dollars. At thrift stores they are $20 - $100.

9. There are some resale stores that only carry name brand clothing. They cost a bit more but the selection is more pleasing. No more blood donation T-shirts.

10. You can find uniforms at thrift stores. Anything from old mechanics shirts with various names stitched on to them to polo shirts from fast food restaurants. Some people like to wear these just for fun. They can be used as a halloween costume as well. You can also find old army uniforms. So much cool stuff.

11. Some store have their clothes divided by color which can make it easier to find something more you.

12. The ties, man! Why pay $10-$20 for a new tie when you can get one for $1 at a thrift store? Its a great deal. I've even seen some girls buy a whole bunch of ties and sew them together and make a skirt.

13. Stuffed animals are practically free. They also have children's books and toys. If I ever have kids I am so saving and going to the thrift store.

14. Lots of purses. I'm not sure how much they cost new or used but the thrift stores have purses.

15. Some thrift store will have a bag sale. Its where you buy a paper bag for maybe $5 and you stuff whatever you want into it. Its like steeling only you are paying for it. Its a lot of fun.

Gosh! Now I want to go thrift shopping. I usually only go for some button up shirts and ties. I used to go each week back in college. Now I only go once every two months. I once came across a ton of shirts that had been leftover from a cancer benefit and all the shirts were pink and said "I heart boobs". I got a few for my friends. They only costed $1 each. Sweet.

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