Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How to ease the pain of grief and sorrow?

We all want to make life easier. Everyday I wish life were easier for me. I never want the pain to come back. As time has gone by I have made some discoveries that have show me how to ease the pain. I don't forget who I have lost. But I am not overwhelmed my grief as much anymore.

1. Helping others. When I help others cope with pain and grief it takes the pain away from me. I'm not sure how. Perhaps helping someone heal is also helping me heal. We all heal together.

2. Donating to help others. When you donate money to help others in need it makes you feel like you have really made a difference. My pain goes away. I feel stronger. Like I have righted a wrong. It almost feels addicting. And it is especially easy. Everyone should donate to an organization at least once in their life.

3. Cleaning and decluttering. I know sometimes when you are really sad or going through a tough time we lack the inspiration or motivation to clean our home. But once I get started I feel like I am accomplishing something and when I declutter my place my stress is watered down. My life seems more simple and organized. I went through some boxes of things and donated to Goodwill. It feels good to get rid of things I don't need.

4. Reading a good book. The books that I find that help me are the ones that inspire me. I like biographies because I can walk in someone else's shoes and try to relate. I also like books about Zen sayings and see how they relate to my life experiences. Sometimes the book makes me cry but its a nice crying. A healthy crying. Other times I laugh because I find something funny and I read something that is so me.

5. Be a kid again. Eat a little bit of chocolate. Try to get some chocolate that isn't made by child slaves off the Ivory coast at www.chocolatebar.com This will make you feel even better knowing that you have made a difference yet again. Sit and watch some cartoons. Relax. See the good things in life. Take is easy.

6. Take life a little bit slower. Drive the speed limit. Eat slower. Read slower. By doing things slower you are taking time to enjoy life more. This will also reduce stress.

7. Enjoy the weather. Sit outside on the porch and relax. Look up at the sky. Feel the breeze. Think about the good things in life. Think about the future and what you hope to accomplish. Try watching the sunrise. There are times when I am outside getting the mail and I think "Gosh, when I get back to the house I'm gonna sit on the porch and relax" because its such nice weather out.

One milestone in my life that has made life seem amazing was the Hope For Haiti Now telethon. It was a worldwide telethon to raise awareness and donations to help Haiti. It was awesome. Yes, the earthquake was tragic but how the world came together to help is exactly what I have been wanting for years. I would wake up every morning wondering how can someone change the world really fast? I watched the live tweets about Haiti. People tweeted about crying like they had never cried before. It was so inspiring. So much hope. So much unity. People crying and hearts growing all around the world. I loved it. The world is learning to love again. I wish my mother could have seen it all. It was so nice waking up the morning after knowing that lives have been changed. Hopefully life will be easier for the orphans now. People won't laugh when we tell them our parents are dead. Friday, January 22, 2010 had to be one of the best times of my life. Twitter is awesome. Like a world wide message board. I hope we never forget that night.

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