Thursday, January 21, 2010

How to save money on gas

Back in college I never had to drive. I could always walk everywhere. I saved so much money. Now I live in the city and sometimes you gotta think of other ways to save gas. Here are a few.

1. Drive the speed limit. You use more less gas when you drive slower.

2. Fill up the gas tank in the morning when the gas is cool. You will get more in your tank this way. Later in the day the gas will be hotter and will expand and you won't get as much gas that you are paying for. This rule is especially true during the summer.

3. Drive less. Stock up on movies and food on Friday and stay home all weekend.

4. Keep your tires aired up. Low tires makes your car work harder and wastes gas.

5. Turn the air conditioner down a tad. The air conditioner makes the engine work harder and use more gas.

6. Ride a bike.

7. Carpool. This may not save gas for the person driving since the car will weight more and cause the engine to work harder but you won't have to pay for the gas.

8. Gas is usually cheaper a few days before the holidays.

9. There are some websites online where you can see who has the cheapest gas prices. Just google "cheap gas prices".

10. Get pizza delivered. That can save you some gas. Shop online and get stuff delivered. You can even get your groceries delivered.

I remember back when gas was so much cheaper. I can't even remember what it was like to get a full tank. You would think people would be driving less but they aren't. I supposed thats a good thing. I think its easier to cut your electricity bill than your gasoline costs.

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