Saturday, July 10, 2010

Boy advice for Girls: If you messed up be a Unicorn

I am writing this as I learn. I am still not a pro. I promise to write on other subjects as well. But this post goes along with the one before it. The BE CONFIDENT one. But what if you messed up. How to get him back? It it over? have you lost your chance completely.

1. If you are considered maybe safe. But he may think you are weird now.

2. Friends can get second chances.

3. Stay friends.

4. Friends aren't needy and don't stalk or beg to be dated.

5. Try not texting him or calling him. You want him to forget that last bad impression. But maybe he will think about you and text you. You may have screwed up on the acting confident in public part....but we can be a pro at being confident elsewhere. I have found that he will eventually text me. Actually after the party I was leaving and he said to text him. Funny cus I was thinking of never texting him again.

6. Not contacting him making him think you are talking to other people. He may check your twitter to see what you are up to so don't tweet about how you messed up with him. Tweet about how you are having such a nice day. Make him think you are having fun elsewhere. Kinda like at that concert but instead I just sat there which is the same as texting him constantly at home. DON'T keep calling him begging him to get back with you or hang out. I have found out that the guys I harass and try to get back with never come back. But if I let them go (usually cus I am not interested) they ALWAYS come back. Sometimes its a month later....sometimes a year or more later. They find you on and ask how you are doing etc.

7. Plan your second chance. Yes I dressed really cute. But I need to remember to stand up straight. Maybe bring some friends along to talk to. Bring friends you laugh a lot with.

8. People can never hear me at concerts. My voice is so high. So I thought maybe I could go around saying random shit cus no one will ever understand me anyways and laugh and move on to another person.

9. Take your mind off the mess up. Learn from your mistakes.

10. One big mistake I made was I left the rave early. But when I got home he called saying he was on his way to the concert. I told him I had just gone home. By driving back to the concert makes me seem desperate. I should have lied or never left the concert.

Be a unicorn. A fun beautiful creature that is hard to get, confident and has a life.

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