Friday, July 30, 2010

Orphan tips on Trust

A suggested topic was "learning to trust". Of course we would like to think it would be healthy to learn to trust....but from my past experience you cannot trust anyone. Sometimes you can't even trust yourself.

Other people have familes to go to for help if there is a problem. But we do not. There have been times when I thought a friend would be there for me or help me etc. but then they would just do what they wanted and not help me. lame.

Its like with my move to NYC. I am having a few friends come with me. They want a one-bedroom but there is no garuntee they will get jobs fast enough that pay enough. Trusting is being dependant on someone for help. You cannot do that. So instead of running the rish of running out of money. I will get a studio and they can live with me if they want for a year and then we save money and get jobs for a better place. Now I am in control of the situation. I am not dependant on them.

When you trust someone and you are an orphan you run the risk of losing everything.

Learn to look out for yourself and don't let anyone take advantage of you.

I can't have a boss who threatens to fire me without notice. As an orphan I need job security. And there are more jobs in NYC than where I am now.

Dave Navarro, former guitarist of Jane's Addiction, lost his mom when he was 15. She was murdered. He has a tattoo that says "Trust No One". I completely understand.

Only trust yourself. That way you are in control. Be independant, not dependant on others.

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