Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fear of Commitment in Relationships

This was a suggested post. I have had many relationships and none have really worked out. I wonder why a lot of the time. Was it me?

I think people are just too spoiled and picky. And as a result I have become picky. When I was a yound teen I wanted to be in a commited relatioship and to get married. I wanted to be taken care of because I knew that things would be much easier if I has someone to look out for me. But since I have been hurt so much and alone for so long I have been forced to look out for myself and be very independant.

Now to commit to someone means being controled by them or taken advantage of. When I am single I can earn my own money and spend my own money. I can dress any way I want and go anywhere I want etc.

I don't like it when I meet a guy and he asks if I plan to have kids or get married. How terrible to be tied down like that.

Most guys don't stick around for very long. Now neither do I. I am just looking out for myself. I just get tired of being hurt. Tired of trying.

Be yourself. Have fun. Look out for yourself. If you want to be a loner then be a loner. Don't let anyone control you. This is your life. Everyone fears being hurt.

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