Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Orphan Summer Survival

My 4th of July was okay. I stayed in. I was bored most of the day. I regretted not getting more ice cream and comic books. But I spent time on and chatted with some friends on there. I got to see some fireworks from my porch/balcony. I didn't get too lonely. It was nice.

I have been very busy. I hope to post some more stuff soon. I just made a car payment and I am still not quite at half way on my car payment.

I have some nice ideas for future posts. Plus some summer tips. We don't have anymore holidays for a while which should be nice. But remember to stay out of the heat. People tend to get into car accidents a lot more in July. Its really hot and a lot of people are out. Try using a fan instead of the air conditioner. It will save you money. :)


Anonymous said...

Suggestions for possible post topics:orphan weddings & orphan attendance at other people's weddings,annual family summer vacations, religion (orphans tend to go extreme here-lose faith or faith becomes one of most important things in their life), fear of commitment/sabotaging relationships, learning to trust, control issues. Just some thoughts. You are doing a great job w/this.

Chelsea said...

Thanks for the input. I'm still very busy. I will get working on it on my free time.